CPP rallies Filipinos to reject Marcos II ‘illegitimate regime’


The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today called on the Filipino people to reject and resist the Marcos II “illegitimate regime” which is slated to take power after stealing the May 9 national elections. “The Marcoses deceived and fooled the Filipino people through a campaign of disinformation and distortion of history,” said the CPP.

The dictator’s son, Ferdinand Jr., is set to assume the presidency; while the tyrant’s daughter, Sara Duterte, is set to become vice-president. In the eyes of the Filipino people, the incoming Marcos-Duterte regime is an illegitimate regime that is being established on the foundations of electoral fraud and political deceit, the CPP pointed out.

The CPP said the results of the elections were manipulated to make it appear that Marcos won a “landslide” victory in order to overshadow the fact that millions across the country joined mass demonstrations to reject the Marcoses and support the political opposition. The “landslide victory” is a lie, the CPP said. It was “deliberately made so colossal to make people think it could not be such a gross distortion of the truth.”

“Like his father, the Filipino people anticipate that Marcos Junior, will establish an iron-fist and corrupt regime,” the CPP added. “The Marcos-Duterte clique represents the worst of the tyrants, fascists and corrupt bureaucrat capitalists of the ruling reactionary classes. Marcos Junior is an unrepentant beneficiary and defender of the 14-year Marcos fascist dictatorship (1972-1986). He combines with Sara Duterte, a power-hungry authoritarian who ruled Davao City with military and police power,” the CPP further said.

The CPP described how the Marcoses came back with renewede political clout after their downfall in 1986 with assistance of previous regimes which failed to hold them into account of their crimes against the people. Over the years, it sought to whitewash the crimes of plunder and corruption, and gross violations of human rights perpetrated during the Marcos dictatorship.

The CPP emphasized that the Marcos’ scheme to return to Malacañang was boosted over the past six years under Duterte who authorized the hero’s burial for Marcos, repeatedly praised his dictatorial rule, claimed that the Marcoses have no ill-gotten wealth, and finally connived to rig the elections.

“A Marcos regime promises to be a continuation of the past six years of tyrannical rule and puppetry to foreign imperialist powers, and a return to the Marcosian-levels of corruption and plunder, 50 years after Marcos Senior declared martial law in 1972 and established one-man rule,” said the CPP. (CPP Information Bureau)

AB: CPP rallies Filipinos to reject Marcos II 'illegitimate regime'