CPP remembers Ka Nars, vows justice on 2nd anniversary of his murder

The Communist Party of the Philippines today remembered its late Vice Chairman Julius Giron (Ka Nars), who along with Dr. Maria Lourdes Tangco and aide Arvie Reyes, was murdered in cold-blood in Baguio City two years ago. The CPP said the cry for justice for Ka Nars, Dr. Tangco and Arvie continues.

“Let us remember today Ka Nars (Julius Giron), erstwhile CPP Vice-Chair, who was assassinated by fascists two years ago in Baguio City,” said CPP Chief Information Officer Marco Valbuena.

“Ka Nars was a humble and mild-mannered comrade,” he added.

Ka Nars is among the growing list of victims of the the state’s campaign of murdering revolutionaries. He is the second peace consultant of the National Democratic Front of the Philippinesn (NDFP) killed mercilessly by the US-Duterte regime.

To cover up their crime, state forces claimed that Ka Nars and his companions “returned fire” after they were presented with warrants of arrest. This is the same storyline of the PNP and AFP in almost all cases of killings.

During the time of his murder, Ka Nars was convalescing from acute pancreatitis which has adversely affected his health since July 2019. Even unable to fight back, state soldiers and police fired upon them. Autopsy reports show that they were shot in the back.

According to a tribute by the CPP Executive Committee in March 2020, Ka Nars was among the young revolutionaries who emerged from the powerful army of activists that arose from the First Quarter Storm of 1970.

“We will always be thankful for his key role in convening the CPP’s 2nd congress in 2016,” Valbuena added.

“Younger party cadres continue to take inspiration from the example of Ka Nar’s proletarian revolutionary attitude and his selfless service to the oppressed and exploited,” he ended.

AB: CPP remembers Ka Nars, vows justice on 2nd anniversary of his murder