LGBTQ+ against the Duterte and Marcos II regimes

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Hundreds of delegates from the LGBTQ national-democratic group Bahaghari participated in the Pride protest in Pasay City and Quezon City last June 25 and 28. They called to hold the Duterte regime responsible for its crimes and resist the incoming illegitimate Marcos II regime.

They were among the at least 55,000 who participated in Pride protests launched in different parts of the country. The main theme of the protests was the call of the LGBTQ+ sector to fight discrimination and oppression, for recognition of their rights and for advancing the SOGIE Equality bill.

A big streamer with the words: “Gays of the world, fight! Hold Duterte responsible for his corrupt, puppet and macho-fascist leadership!” The group alse brought “Down with the cheating Marcos-Duterte.”

For Bahaghari, the issues confronting the LGBTQ+ community can never be separated from the issues facing the whole nation.

According to Bahaghari president Rey Valmores-Salinas, the group is deeply honored that their delegation included the voices and sectors of farmers, unionists, workers, church leaders, indigenous minorities and others. “We are proud that different sectors are united in the fight for equality,” she said.

The group also called for the enactment of a national minimum wage, land to the tillers, proper response to the pandemic and economic crisis, and justice for victims of the regime’s killing and oppression campaign.

In a social media post by Karapatan’s Tinay Palabay, she remembered murdered activists from the LGBTQ community—like Chad Booc, Ryan Hubilla, Leni Rivas and others. Their contributions in the fight for gender equality and social emancipation have “made their mark in the narratives of the struggles of farmers and minority citizens, ” she said.

Booc was a volunteer teacher for the Lumad; Rivas was an indigenous youth murdered by the military and Hubilla was a human rights advocate from Sorsogon.


The Metro Manila Pride led the central protest in Pasay City and attended by more than 29,000 people. A joint activity was also launched by Pride PH at Quezon City Memorial Circle in partnership with the local city government. An estimated 25,000 individuals attended.

Draped with rainbow flags, groups display Stand for ‘Kulayaan’ or combined words “color” and “freedom” as symbols of the LGBTQ+ sector’s fight against discrimination, corruption and abuse.

Activities, protests and marches were also launched on that day in Baguio City, Iloilo City, Romblon, Dumaguete City, Cebu, Misamis Oriental, Butuan City and other parts of the country. Meanwhile, Southern Tagalog Pride led a regional pride protest in UP Los Banos on June 28.

Groups launch massive Pride Month gatherings after two years of being stuck in the Covid-19 pandemic.

AB: LGBTQ+ against the Duterte and Marcos II regimes