“Better normal Bill” violates rights in the guise of pandemic measures

The Filipino people should be vigilant against the curtailment of their basic freedoms especially in the face of the Duterte regime’s exploitation of the Covid-19 pandemic to institutionalize its fascist rule.

Masquerading as a public health measure, House Resolution 6864 otherwise known as the Better Normal Bill, is among the measures that are being railroaded by Duterte’s congressional supermajority to consolidate the regime’s tyrannical rule.

The seemingly innocuous bill puts into writing common and basic health measures that are, in fact, already in place and are being practiced by the people. However, alongside wearing of face masks and washing of hands, the bill bans public gatherings outright, a right which is considered inviolable even by the 1987 constitution.

This out and out fascist provision will not only impinge on the people’s right to protest and hold meetings, it will undoubtedly subject even family-oriented gatherings such as weddings, baptisms, reunions and the like to police and military control.

The bill, in fact, paves the way for the institutionalization of the militaristic reign of the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) over the FIlipino people, with all its mind boggling and often idiotic measures on “social distancing” courtesy of its fascist general Eduardo Año.

Duterte’s minions in the Senate and Congress are hellbent on passing a slew of measures to ensure his fascist reign.

This bill will definitely not bring about a “better normal” because, if enacted, it will only subject the Filipino people to even greater restrictions of more freedoms in the face of the regime’s failure to manage the pandemic.

“Better normal Bill” violates rights in the guise of pandemic measures