11th IB using Siaton clash as pretext to intensify militarization


Desperate over its failure to inflict maximum damage on the NPA during and after the Siaton Christmas Eve clash, the 11th IB & and 705th RMFB fascist troops are now venting their ire on civilians and intensified militarization on areas already besieged by RCSP.

Since Christmas day, about 90-120 troops aboard 5 military trucks were unleashed and conducted combat operations in 14 sitios of Barangay/s Tayak, Napacao and Casalaan, all situated in the town of Siaton, Negros Oriental.

These barangays, especially Tayak, have been subjected to NTF-ELCAC’s vicious multifaceted attacks since the last quarter of 2019.

The still ongoing operations, ostensibly a hot pursuit one, are more of a terror drive against the people in the aforesaid areas (with population of 9,521 mainly settler-peasants) that has long been red-tagged as NPA members or supporters.

After only 1 week (December 25-31), at least 10 cases of human rights violations ranging from attempted ejk, violation of domicile, destruction of property (forcible entry & occupation of houses locked and temporarily uninhabited by owners), divestment of property (theivery, taking away of things and belongings inside occupied houses), interrogation, and threat/intimidation/red-tagging were already documented.

These recent cases of abuses in Siaton only further unravel the character of 11th IB and 705th as an army of the ruling class that seek to perpetuate the unjust semi- colonial and semi-feudal system and the fascist and terrorist US-Duterte regime.

Militarization won’t stop the advance of the growing mass movement to oust Duterte from power nor deter people’s war progression to the next and higher level. Under the leadership of the Party, the people united shall never be defeated. ###

11th IB using Siaton clash as pretext to intensify militarization