14 firearms seized in ACC-Camarines Norte’s victorious tactical offensive

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Romulo Jallores Command (RJC-NPA Bikol) gives its red salute to the Red fighter and commanders of the New People’s Army who conducted a successful raid against forces of the 2nd Police Mobile Force Company (PMFC) at Purok 6, Sitio Nalisbitan, Brgy. Dumagmang, Labo, Camarines Norte on the evening of March 19, 2021.

Fourteen firearms were seized as a result of no less than 15 minutes of a surpise attack launched by the NPA against an isolated squad of the PMFC. Among those seized were a general purpose machine gun or baby M60, one M4, six Galil and six short firearms (Glock) and other military equipment like bullets and magazines. Five were reported dead in the side of the police. Meanwhile, three wounded PNP surrendered and were given first aid by medics of the New People’s Army. The NPA command is still currently investigating on damages suffered by the enemy in a separate action launched against about 50 elements of PMFC located only 300 meters away from the area where the raid was launched.

It was easy for a separate formation of the BHB to pin down the camp of the 96th IBPA’s Bravo Company in the same barangay. The police and military were too busy in their rivalry in collecting bribes from miners in the area that they paid no concern to what was happening to the police nearby. Red fighters were able to quickly and safely maneuver without any casualty.

2nd PMFC is notorious in Camarines Norte as an active arm of the US-Duterte regime in implementing its counterinsurgency campaign. The particular company of the PNP was assigned to protect the interests of destructive foreign miners in Brgy. Dumagmang. The Philippine National Police ha played an active role in the implementation of military operations and Retooled Community Support Program (RCSP) of AFP-9th IDPA for more than three years in the town of Labo. Just this March, they became infamous for the mass murder of civilians in the said province, other parts of the region and CALABARZON under the Synchronized Anti-Criminality and Law Enforcement Operations (SACLEO) being implemented by PNP at NTF-ELCAC in the entire country.

The annihilative tactical offensive of Armando Catapia Command-NPA Camarines Norte is proof that the entire Romulo Jallores Command is relentless in holding state agent accountable for its heinous crimes against the people. Their humane treatment and giving of first aid to three wounded elements of the police who surrendered is proof of their conscious adherence to the iron discipline of the Red Army in advancing the people’s just war for the oppressed and exploited masses. Most of all, the successful action of the NPA is proof that only through armed struggle and in the
Most of all, the successful action of the NPA is proof that only through armed struggle and in mastering the guerilla warfare can we decisively hold accountable and crush the fascist and terrorist state until it turns to dust.

Nasa satuyang pagbungkaras an pagkalda sa katingatingan!

Nasa satuyang kamot an satong kapangganahan!

Kita an paglaom kan banwaan!

Mabuhay ang ika-52 anibersaryo ng PKP at BHB!

14 firearms seized in ACC-Camarines Norte’s victorious tactical offensive