Demystifying the AFP's black propaganda against the revolutionary movement in Central Negros 303rd Brigade, 3rd ID and the entire AFP: desperate scoundrels!


As their bloodthirsty commander-in-chief Duterte’s official term is coming to an end, the 303rd Brigade and the entire reactionary forces are becoming increasingly hell-bent on its counterrevolutionary drive, in word and in deed.

For the last few weeks, the local radio program of the 303rd Brigade has been relentless in its script that sound like broken records playing over for (1) ‘the NPA to grab the opportunity to surrender’, (2) ‘the AFP does not see Red fighters as an enemy but as brainwashed individuals’, (3) ‘the number cadres has diminished and what remains are the old and sickly’, (4) ‘there are only 3 outcomes of being an NPA: be caught, wounded, or killed’, and (5) ‘the masses are tired of war and only want peace’.

However, due to the crimes the mercenary troops continue to commit in its last attempt to reach its impossible quota of decimating the armed revolution, they themselves deconstruct their seemingly upright propaganda as plain lies.

1. Surrendering is not an ‘opportunity to be grabbed’ by the NPA. The armed revolution has persevered for 53 years because of the genuine problems landlessness, poverty, fascism, hunger, absence of social services-all of which consciously perpetrated by the reactionary government and the ruling class towards the real productive forces of peasants and workers. This has left the Filipino people no other option but to take up arms and organize themselves and revolt against the systematic exploitation of the semicolonial and semifeudal society, by hunger or by bullets. Thus, letting go of the revolution is like fully fledging oneself to live a life of being oppressed, which brings the logical conclusion that to rebel is justified and necessary.

Furthermore, the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) of the NTF-ELCAC has been, for numerous times, unmasked as a cash cow of corrupt military officials and bureaucrats like generals Pasaporte of the 303rd IBde and Arevalo of the 3rd ID. It has only amounted to thousands upon thousands of civilians being forced to surrender as NPAs, initially promising livelihood and money while only giving a small percentage (if any) and keeping the bulk of the budget for themselves. They force entire communities to pose as surrenderees in exchange for government aid, as what transpired in Isabela, Binalbagan, Himamaylan City, La Carlota City, and Valladolid. Surrendering is therefore not an opportunity to grab by the NPA, but a scheme maximized by the AFP, PNP, and NTF-ELCAC for profit-making and appeasing the madman Duterte and their imperialist masters.

2. The AFP has long insisted the misnomer that the NPA are terrorists instead of revolutionaries, and have been consistent in human rights violations, especially heightened red-tagging, illegal arrests of activists and NDFP consultants and cold-blooded murder of non-combatants and hors de combats. Since the implementation of EO 70, MO 32 and the draconian Anti-Terror Law, crimes of the AFP have exponentially increased. In Negros Island alone, these include the recent arrest of NDFP Consultant and JASIG holder Ramon Patriarca, peasant leader Nemfa de Lima, the murders of Ka Ella, Ka Monet and her companions, Ka Pane, Ka Bidam and Ka Yuhan, Ka Carding and Ka Clea, civilians Jason and Arnulfo Sabanal, Henry Hermoso, Arnold Suerte, Wilfredo Fuentes, Randy Tapales and the massacres in Sagay City and Oplan Sauron 1 and 2.

These cowardly acts are trademarks of the AFP to openly violate rules of war, much like their PNP counterparts and the murderous Oplan Tokhang, recently proven to fabricate causes of death to minimize the implications against the police-an act that fake encounters of the AFP are very much similar to. Their boastful proclamations of burying fallen comrades – a bare minimum – cannot cover the fact that they are monsters who lack the civility to respect human rights. As a matter of fact, it is the AFP and PNP who are terrorists and indoctrinated into a culture of impunity, not the Red fighters. They are the ones brainwashed to be fascists, not the NPA who wholeheartedly serve the people to establish a society free from such violence.

3. Military intelligence is indeed an oxymoron, and these are statements that prove it. What the AFP fails to see is that the revolution is not a stagnant force, but a movement consistently replenished by new blood. As Ka Oris has stated before, the old cadres have already one because there are already new and younger cadres capable of leading and advancing the people’s war. The revolution is a mass movement and cannot be equated to a few individuals. While it is true that some comrades have been martyred, new ones have inevitably been borne out of the struggle. As comrades fall, many more will rise up to continue what they started, and raise the capabilities of the NPA and the masses to advance the people’s war.

On the other hand, the AFP has become a diploma mill and an assembly line of despots and fascists. They have produced soldiers who are mercenary and barbaric in nature, blindfolded through bellicose methods of training and mandated to act only by landlords, big compradors and bureaucrat capitalists. They are made to be cannon fodder and pawns, including CAFGU and SCAA elements whose salaries are on-and-off like those in Guihulngan City and Binalbagan, while commanders like Arevalo and Pasaporte luxuriate in corrupted funds and kickbacks from government military overspending.

4. The outcomes of either being arrested, wounded, or killed are ultimately the same fate the AFP faces in the ongoing civil war. The obvious difference, of course is that the NPA, as soldiers of the poor, have understood that revolution and social change can only be made through sacrifice, even to the point of death. This sacrifice is better as it is a fight for a just society, compared to sacrifice in the status quo where there is only oppression. That is why the NPA is resolved to overcome challenges and does not fear sacrifice, as it is a necessary consequence of waging revolution against the ruling few, and has a clear outlook on victory.

The AFP may have the same fate of being caught, wounded or killed by the NPA, albeit much less rewarding as they serve the selfish interests of the few. Sometimes their families are paid for their silence so the AFP can cover-up the legitimate number of their casualties to save face, a common occurrence after military actions of the NPA in Moises Padilla, Himamaylan City, Binalbagan and Guihulngan City. Even members of the military’s intelligence network are also denied by the AFP as their own.

The AFP’s rich mercenary tradition is incomparable to the valor of revolutionaries. They only act because of their ballooned salary and arm-twisting, as they are soldiers who defend imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. Additionally, they spend millions to paint the false picture that the NPA is near being obliterated, but they are consistently disproven by the latter’s tactical offensives and deep roots among the masses. Unwittingly, the ruling clique and the reactionary forces, especially the US-Duterte regime’s frenzied drive for counterrevolution, remain to be the number one recruiters of the NPA.

5. There is a quote from Chairman Mao: “We do not wish to fight. However, if circumstances force us to fight, we shall fight to the finish!” The masses are not tired of revolution as they are an integral part of it, and are conscious that it is a just undertaking necessary to break free from the chains of oppression. The supposed persona non grata declarations in Central Negros are not proof of a waning mass support, but evidence of the military’s repeated attempts to support their lies of a ‘weakening NPA’ through intimidation and harassment.

The AFP’s often false dichotomy that the masses are tired of war and want peace is too simplistic and erroneous an argument. Peace is not simply the absence of war, but the absence of the conditions of war: poverty, hunger, landlessness, lack of basic industries and social services, and exploitation. If there is no more ruling class who trample upon the majority of the Filipino people, and resources are distributed accordingly to those who need it, there would be no need for war. But as oppression persists, as the masses continue to bear the brunt of the worsening socioeconomic crisis, and when they cannot even express their dissent, then there is no peace. Negrosanons will continue to support and join the NPA to collectively fight for their democratic aspirations long deprived from them.

What more is an appropriate term for the likes of Pasaporte, Arevalo, and the entire AFP but desperate scoundrels? As their ambitious deadline nears its end and the revolutionary movement persevering and flourishing on the fertile ground of the grave objective conditions, the AFP and the entire reactionary state apparatus are bound to fail as the CPP, NPA, and the masses in Central Negros are more determined to wage the National Democratic Revolution through Protracted People’s War. ###

303rd Brigade, 3rd ID and the entire AFP: desperate scoundrels!