3IDPA and PRO-6 unwittingly admit rights violations on Bocala murder


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It is not surprising that Mr. Cenon Pancito, spokesperson of the 3rd Infantry Division of the Philippine Army in Jamindan, Capiz was caught boasting in radio interviews about their murder of the 75-year old Reynaldo Bocala and his elderly aide, Willie Epago. Together with the PNP-CIDG 6, they celebrate Bocala’s murder as an “achievement of justice”. For the rabid fascists ang mercenaries, it is just to murder the sick and elderly. The callous spokesperson even said it is fine to “kill women, young people” to achieve their made-up “justice”. Indeed, the military and police involved in Bocala’s murder are shameless criminal thugs.

The military spokesperson’s casual remarks of threat prove that they do not honor and abide with the laws of war stated in the International Humanitarian Law (Geneva Conventions) and the 1998 GRP-NDFP Comprehensive Agreement on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) as hors de combat. They utterly disregarded that Bocala, because of his age and medical conditions, have rights guaranteed by the CARHRIHL. We reject the claims of the deceitful military and police that Bocala and his aide were carrying firearms and engaged in a gunfight.

Last December 2020, the 3IDPA and PNP CIDG-6 also murdered three (3) senior citizens in the Tapaz 9 massacre at Capiz. These butchers are also behind the vicious killings of humanitarian activists and unarmed civilians and continue to sow terror among peasant communities in the hinterlands of Panay. By following Duterte’s anti-people counterinsurgency program and policy of murdering unarmed civilians, they expose themselves as sycophant criminal gangs.

The fascist 3IDPA and the PNP will be punished for their numerous crimes against the people.

Highest salute to Comrades Reynaldo Bocala and Willie Epago!
Long live the revolutionary martyrs!
Punish terrorist Duterte and his minions in the AFP and PNP!

3IDPA and PRO-6 unwittingly admit rights violations on Bocala murder