47 years of fighting for justice and defending people’s rights — LUMABAN-Bicol


LUMABAN-Bikol expresses its solidarity with the Filipino people in celebrating the 47th anniversary of the NDFP. For almost five decades, the NDFP has served as a bastion of unity in the people’s unwavering struggle for justice and freedom. It is continuously advancing the interests of the oppressed and marginalized people in all fora. True to its mandate, it remains at forefront of the fight against dictatorship and imperialism.

Guided by the principles of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the NDFP aims not only to encourage the people to fight for their democratic rights but also to empower them in upholding their sovereign rights. It has challenged lawyers to go beyond blackletter law and to incorporate class analysis in the interpretation of legal dicta. People’s lawyers are able to creatively make use of and maximize the law in favor of the marginalized and oppressed. Likewise, they can sharply criticize proposed bills, resolutions, existing laws and other steps taken by the reactionary government because of a grounded appreciation of the law as an instrument of the ruling class.

Duterte’s fascist government has long proven how convenient it is for the ruling class to wield their laws against the oppressed and marginalized. Under their Chief Executive’s baton, the military and police trample on people’s rights with impunity. Innocent people get killed, arrested, threatened, harassed and persecuted by state agents everyday. All social issues and crises serve as springboards to declare a state emergency or martial law. It is no surprise that Duterte has capitalized the Covid-19 pandemic to intensify his all-out war against the people.

LUMABAN-Bikol vows to firmly stand with the people in their fight against dictatorship and fascism. It is high time for all lawyers and legal practitioners to be critical and to stand with the oppressed and marginalized people. The true realization and practice of one’s democratic rights cannot take place in a society that considers the poor as criminals, terrorists or uncivilized beings for fighting for their survival and legitimate interests. Justice and respect for people’s rights can be truly achieved only through the success of the people’s revolution.

47 years of fighting for justice and defending people’s rights -- LUMABAN-Bicol