5-day temporary ceasefire stands, amid heightened armed resistance to martial law

The unilateral declaration of a temporary 5-day ceasefire in solidarity with the people’s traditional holidays and to commemorate the historic 50th anniversary of the CPP stands and will be strictly complied with even as the Pary calls for heightened armed resistance against the Duterte regime’s extended martial law in Mindanao and de facto nationwide martial law.

Amid worsening abuses perpetrated by the AFP and PNP, it is the NPA’s duty to the people to carry out extensive tactical offensives against the fascists. A temporary halt will be observed on the specified days of the unilateral ceasefire.

No amount of military offensives by the AFP can stop the Filipino people and their revolutionary forces from mounting rallies and other mass gatherings and meetings all over the country to celebrate the Party’s achievements and victories. In fact, in some areas, mass celebrations have already been held, even as others are busily preparing food and practicing their best to perform their poems, songs and dance.

The AFP desperately wants to stop the celebrations of the Party’s 50th anniversary and intensify their campaign of armed suppression. In the past few days, field reports indicate that AFP camps and airbases especially in Northern and Eastern Mindanao are busy flying drones and helicopters everyday, scouring rural villages and mountains, dropping bombs and firing artillery causing widespread terror among the people.

In the rural areas, people are disgruntled that Duterte and the AFP refused to declare a ceasefire. As a result, ground troops of the AFP as well as PNP special forces continue to lay siege on their villages with the aim of intimidating the residents and ruining their holidays.

There are also grumblings among Duterte’s foot soldiers because instead of availing the opportunity to have a brief respite to join their families during the holiday season, they are being ordered by their superiors to carry out combat operations. Many are carrying out orders half-heartedly or merely pretending to do so.

5-day temporary ceasefire stands, amid heightened armed resistance to martial law