63rd IB commanding officer lying; 5 soldiers dead after NPA counter-offensive

The commanding officer of the 63rd Infantry Battalion-Philippine Army, Lt. Col. Rizaldo Laurena, is lying when he claims no soldiers were hurt after a successful counter-offensive by the Arnulfo Ortiz Command (AOC or NPA-Western Samar) against the said AFP troops last September 2.

Five soldiers were killed in the first clash between a unit of the AOC and elements of the 63rd IB at Sitio Rizal, Brgy. Bulao, Basey, Samar at around 7:50AM. According to civilian witnesses, the bodies were brought away on two ambulances.

The actual firefight lasted only lasted for four minutes. The Red fighters had already retreated to safe distance but the mercenary soldiers of the AFP continued to indiscriminately fire their machine gun and grenade launcher for more than 15 minutes.

The AOC condems the costly, anti-people, and destructive military operations of the AFP, the funds of which are better off spent for more productive expenses the poor masses can benefit from. The people are the ones spending for these military operations through the regressive taxation of the reactionary government.

Later that day, at around 2PM, Red fighters of the AOC again encountered a column of AFP troops at Sitio Guinpondoan, Brgy. Cogon.

In both military actions, they were able to immediately regroup and safely retreat without suffering any casualty.

The reactionary soldiers are conducting hot pursuit operations against the AOC after the latter’s victorious harassment (“haras-bomba”) against elements of the 46th IB last August 30 at Purok 1, Brgy. Mabini, Basey, Samar. Two AFP troops were killed in the NPA offensive. According to recent reports, of the four soldiers initially reported wounded, only one is left alive.

Meanwhile, a number of families from Sitio Guinpondoan evacuated to the nearby Sitio Rizal for fear that the fascist AFP troops will retaliate against them, recalling their experience during the reign of the butcher Palparan in 2004-2005.

It can be recalled that after the successful NPA ambush in Brgy. Beri, Calbiga last April against a peace and development team (PDT) of 46th IB, the military killed the captain of the said barangay.

Last August 25, armed men in bonnets believed to be soldiers searched through the house of the barangay captain of Sitio Guinpondoan and of one other resident, without carrying a warrant.#

63rd IB commanding officer lying; 5 soldiers dead after NPA counter-offensive