79th IB-PA Impersonates and Extorts Money Using NPA’s Influence

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79th Infantry Battalion – Philippine Army (79th IB-PA), the operating Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) unit in Northern Negros, is desperate enough to meet their far-from-truth objective of crushing the revolutionary New People’s Army (NPA) by using NPA’s good name and deep and wide influence to the masses.

The brilliance of 79th IB-PA in their desperate aim to locate the NPA brings them to imitate the NPA by wearing alike and by using NPA personalities working in the area. They make up stories to deceive the masses, expecting to lead the reactionary troops to the NPA’s position. The desperate fascists’ old-fashioned game is repeatedly used in Northern Negros.

79th IB-PA’s imitation game went further with their extortion activities. Disguising themselves as NPA, the corrupt fascist military send out text messages and connect to business owners demanding money, else, something bad will happen to them or to the business. Former revolutionaries and traitors, like Romel Yanong aka “Ka Joren/Hassan/Asad of Escalante City, are exploited by their captors to rechannel the support from business owners out of the revolution. The names of Ka Prince, Ka Astig/Nine are also used by the government troops to mislead the landlords. The mentioned personalities are no longer affiliated with Roselyn Jean Pelle Command – Northern Negros Guerilla Front of the New People’s Army (RJPC-NPA), nor with the whole revolutionary movement. On the other hand, these individuals are in direct contact with the reactionaries as either captives or surrenderees.

In areas where military operation by the 79th IB-PA are conducted, reports of stealing and holdup have been submitted by the masses to the RJPC-NPA. In their nose, these armed criminals roam freely in the area victimizing ordinary farmers and civilians. RJCP-NPA, as well as the revolutionary masses, can only speculate that these anti-social activities are build-up actions by the desperate 79th IB-PA in line with their NPA monitoring.

Revolutionary taxation, a progressive taxation, is done by the NPA as part of its governmental function, by taxing the well-off business owners operating within its guerilla base.

Masses laughed off the 79th IB-PA’s swag tactics as they communicate to the civilians trying to be like NPAs in the area. With the reactionary government’s corrupt character, one can just guess with the spending nature of the extorted money by the 79th IB-PA.

The 79th IB-PA looks lowly on the masses’ great knowledge and ability in creating its favorable living conditions and distinguishing the fascists from the revolutionaries. The masses know well the activities and disposition of their revolutionary armed wing, the NPA, when among civilians.

RJPC-NPA calls on all civilians to be wary of the fascists’ impersonation acts. When such situation arise, no complacency should be displayed, albeit show respect, withholding any information on our revolutionary cause.

Furthermore, business owners are made aware of the 79th IB-PA’s extortion activities using the NPA’s good name. Any incident should be reported to the nearest Party and NPA unit for proper action.

RJPC-NPA is also appealing to victims of theft, holdup or any other crimes to report such incidents to the nearest revolutionary mass organization for proper investigation and action. Your people’s army is willing to lend a hand in serving justice and in achieving the masses’ peaceful living.

79th IB-PA Impersonates and Extorts Money Using NPA’s Influence