79th IB-PA’s RCSP in Gawahon, Victorias City, Protector of Anti-People Projects

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79th Infantry Battalion – Philippine Army (79th IB-PA) conducts Retooled Community Service Program (RCSP) in Barangay XI (Gawahon), Victorias City since January 24, 2022. Their operations covered the areas of Proper Gawahon, Hda. Aida of the said barangay and its neighboring sitios.

RCSP is conducted by the enemy force to clear the areas of all possible hindrance to make way for businesses of big comprador-landlords to happen. In Brgy. XI (Gawahon), RCSP served as protection of bureaucrats’ destructive quarry operations and landlords’ expansion of ecotourism projects.

To make such projects, people experienced various human rights violations perpetrated by 79th IB-PA. Residents reported that they have been forced to become intelligence assets, as well as force to become “NPA surrenderees”; else, they are threatened to be liquidated if they do not cooperate with the reactionary uniformed personnel. The people fear for their lives and safety, especially that the fascist military stayed within the civilian communities against their will.

Such terroristic acts by the 79th IB-PA are done to control the possible obstacles of rich families’ money-making activities in the 3rd District of Negros Occidental.

Destructive quarry operations conducted along Malogo River of which bureaucrats, such as outgoing Mayor Mark Andrew J. Golez of Silay City and the incumbent barangay captain of Barangay Consing, EB Magalona, served as protector and operator, with the help of the 79th IB-PA’s RCSP team operation nearby.

An expansion of eco-tourism project, to include a coffee shop, is the aim of Melvin Ybaῆez in Hda. Aida, Brgy. XI (Gawahon). Ybaῆez, a landlord in the city, claims to own the land covered by CARP in which the people have been tilling for years. It is easier for Ybaῆez to remove the farmers from their livelihood with the help of the 79th IB-PA nearby and start constructing his showpiece eco-tourism project and a bodega for animal feeds.

It is clear to the Filipino people, especially of Northern Negros, that the reactionary armed forces are genuinely serving the interest of the rich, and not protectors of the people against exploiters of the natural resource. RCSP is but just a reactionaries’ tool to fast-track their agenda of exploitation of human and natural resources.

The US-Duterte regime, nor the incoming Marcos Jr. administration, could not expect to crush the people’s revolutionary vigor and win the hearts of the broad masses, when they continue to step on the people’s dream for a peaceful living and genuine national independence.

RJPC-NPA call on all patriotic among the reactionary uniformed personnel to become part of the revolutionary force in truly serving the people. The RJPC-NPA welcomes your support in whatever ways you can.

79th IB-PA’s RCSP in Gawahon, Victorias City, Protector of Anti-People Projects