94IB massacre sick Red fighters

Early in the morning today, 94th IB together with 33rd DRC raided a hut in Sitio Calunakon, Barangay Santol, Binalbagan, Negros Occidental where a small unit of Red fighters temporarily sought refuge after some of them contacted flu and other illnesses.

The soldiers arrested four of them. They were barely armed and not in the position to give battle due their health condition. The captured Red fighters were identified as follows:

Roel “Ka Jack” Ladera
Nica “Ka Chai” Dela Cruz
Alden “Ka Rocky” Rodriguez
Roel “Ka Caloy” Deguit

To conjure a scenario of an armed encounter, the soldiers fired their assault rifles, machine guns and grenade launchers as if they were in a gun battle at around 9:30 am in nearby Sitio Amelis, Barangay Biao. At noon, 303rd Brigade declared that 4 NPA members were killed in a gunfight with government forces.

This is a fake encounter to justify the massacre of sick Red fighters.

By virtue of their medical condition that render them incapable of fighting, they should be treated as hors de combat as per International Humanitarian Law and should not be subjected to any harm. Moreover, they were under the custody of the AFP, and as such, enjoy the prisoner of war status and the full range of rights stipulated hereto.

This is a grave violation of the Geneva Conventions and the CARHRIHL and constitute a war crime. ###

94IB massacre sick Red fighters