A celebration of relentless struggle to champion the revolutionary struggle

The Christians for National Liberation (CNL) joins the National Democratic Revolution of the Philippines and the 15 member organizations in the celebration of its 49- year anniversary. Surely, this is a momentous occasion to once again celebrate the past, present and near future victories of the National Democratic Revolution with a Socialist Perspective. It continues to bravely face the test of perseverance and steadfastness to the revolutionary struggle while uniting and expanding the revolutionary struggle then and now, It remains vigorous and ever “faithful” to the cause of the struggling poor; even as it faces with renewed vigor and commitment the tyrannical, fool and puppet Duterte regime.

Our revolutionary fervor hails the NDFP for its keenness against the moves of the Philippine government to discredit and malign the democratic front accused of being a terrorist movement cuddling allied “terrorist organizations.” We cannot be silent on this manipulation and devilish tactics by emphasizing that the real terrorist is the US- Duterte government who does all its best to dupe the people to believing that his government is leaving legacies of change and development. But social realities say otherwise. Instead, this government this government is leaving legacies of tyranny, corruption, misgovernance, crimes against humanity, and many more evil deeds.

The CNL pictures the lonely fading of Duterte and his minions barely two months from now. Besieged people’s claim for authentic revolutionary transformation is remarkable even as they involve in the politics of change while aware always of the fact that such a change isn’t the real answer to the crises of imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism. These social ills the son of deposed dictator and another pool Marcos son wants to preserve as the latter does all his best as well in alliance with tyrannical family of Arroyo, and of course the Dutertes to be back in power through national election. Nevertheless, we believe the vigilant and consolidated masses won’t allow such to prosper. Thus united front works are underway to bring the Church closer to the people’s struggle and isolate those against genuine transformation.

We pay highest tribute as well to the revolutionary Christian martyrs and all the revolutionary forces for offering their whole lives to the point of suffering and death to share with the cause of the national democratic revolution. Theirs is a heritage of sublime prowess and moving devotion for life’s meaning and fullness; the way Jesus of Nazareth lived in his lifetime. CNL history tells of Christian people, clergy, nuns and lay, who cuddled the highest form of struggle and joined the armed struggle with the New People’s Army. Those who chose the “white areas” were resolute in supporting the mass movements and championing and expanding the works of arousing, organizing and mobilizing of the basic sectors. The same ardor stands today amongst these Christian people who clearly understand and live out God’s greatest commandment “to love God and neighbor” translated even passionately in serving the people.

Today, the CNL consistently adheres to the NDFP Program in making flesh and blood “national liberation and democracy that seeks to provide a broad basis of unity for all social classes, sectors, groups and individual Filipinos here and abroad desirous of genuine national freedom and democracy, lasting peace and a progressive Philippines.” This and the rest of the programs it embraces. CNL conforms also to the authenticity of the armed revolution to topple down the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system depriving the Filipino people of their God-given rights to live as humans of sacred and highest worth.

Long live the National Democratic Revolution!

Long live the National Democratic Front of the Philippines!

Long live the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army!

Support the People’s War! Join the New People’s Army!

Defeat imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

A celebration of relentless struggle to champion the revolutionary struggle