A Father to the People’s Army

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A Father to the People’s Army
By Comrade Edroy

You were molded by the bourgeois and decadent society
raised in comfort and pleasure
You are of the working class
And in your work, in your consciousness, a realization

You rejected your upbringing and stood for the proletariat
A new legacy emerged from the study of your own class
Stand for what is right, and do not betray your principles
To your family and co-workers, you’ve always demonstrated

The protracted people’s war, you always espoused
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism becomes a constant argument in the family gatherings
My siblings–professionals, pastors, Witnesses, all defend themselves
In the end, it is the communist who prevails

My exemplary father, your elucidations prevail
Inside me is nurtured a just perspective
The abolition of exploitation and oppression
To attain a classless society around the world

“Struggle, make a stand and always be safe,”
you remind me constantly
This, I will honor to the last drop of my blood,
Because the revolutionary path we both took remains long
In your absence, the words we both pledged will remain

By criminals and executioners, your life came to an end
On the eleventh of September, at eleven that evening,
a pistol and rifles fired bullets that shattered your head and body
The splinters in your body silenced your aspirations
O! my kind father, blood spilled, sweeping away your dreams

Your only sin is you stood firmly
And had a son, known a revolutionary
But your sacrifices will not be in vain
For all of this is for the revolution’s victory

Father! you are gone, I can no longer share with you
my experiences and achievements
But wherever you are, I assure you
even when your eyes have closed
You will still be proud of me

At your brutal death, I was affected
Homesickness, confusion mingled
I wanted to hug you one last time
For you to take my bone-deep grief

My great father, on your departure, don’t worry
For we who remain will seek justice!
Justice! Along with the exploited and oppressed
The armed struggle, we will dare to win!

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A Father to the People's Army