A quick note on the raving of Duterte

With the verbatim quote below from the ruffian (butangero) in power or the Devil himself, we are forewarned unwittingly by Duterte himself that he and his armed agents of state terrorism will soon carry out waves of false flag operations to sway public opinion that their own acts of terrorism are daily occurrences committed by Filipino revolutionaries and Muslims.

Here are the exact words of the tyrant and demagogue himself: “For the law-abiding citizen of this country, I am addressing you with all sincerity. Huwag kayong matakot kung hindi ka terorista kung hindi mo sisirain ang gobyerno, pasabugin mo ang simbahan, pasabugin mo ‘yung public utilities, pasabugin mo just to derail para matumba tuloy ang bayan (You don’t have to fear if you are not a terrorist, if you don’t destroy government, blow up a church, blow up public utilities just to derail, to make the nation fall),” the President said in his taped public address.

“Pag pinatay mo ang mga tao, papatayin talaga kita. Anak ka ng… ipusta mo yan sa libingan ng tatay at nanay mo. If you do that people, if you kill them wantonly then I will take it as a right to kill you,” he said.

He also said the government has the right to defend the nation if terrorists will bomb churches and markets.

It is the immoral and evil character of Duterte to bomb churches as has been exposed by one of his former police officers, who has turned witness against him before the International Criminal Court, that it was Duterte himself who ordered the bombing of the Davao city church to make it appear that Muslims committed the crime.

The father of the Maute brothers, when he was arrested before he was subsequently killed, revealed that his eldest son had a “project” with Duterte in Marawi city leading to the clashes and the bombing and total destruction of the city. Until now, the ruins of Marawi stand as one of the major monuments of Duterte’s legacy of deceit, death and destruction, despite his long time claim of being a Maranaw descendant.

A quick note on the raving of Duterte