A Retort to General Parlade’s Lies

Like his drug-dependent boss Duterte, General Parlade smacks of an intoxicated and hallucinating addict whenever he opens his mouth and spews lies against the revolutionary movement. He is desperately resorting to the worst kind of disinformation, fake news and lies to cover-up the desperation of a regime about to crumble and thrown into oblivion.
Let us enumerate some of General Parlade’s vicious lies:

Parlade claims that the AFP is winning the counter-revolutionary war as shown by so-called mass surrenders of NPA fighters. By playing the numbers game, Parlade is flooding the media with lies of fake surrenderees posing as NPA fighters. If his statistics is to be believed, there would be no more NPA left fighting the guerrilla war as his statistics far surpass the number of NPA regulars in every guerrilla front he misrepresent as surrendering in droves.
Parlade claims that mass support for the CPP-NPA is waning as shown by the decrease in votes of progressive partylists. He has unmasked his own ignorance by equating the electoral votes of progressive partylists to the mass support of the CPP-NPA. The mass support of the revolutionary movement is not quantified by the volatile electoral votes but by millions upon millions of organized members of revolutionary mass organizations and the organs of Red political power in the countryside who tirelessly struggle for a democratic and free Philippines against the yoke and exploitative rule of the big bourgeois-comprador and landlord class as well as the bureaucrat-capitalists in Duterte’s government.

Parlade misrepresents the so-called decline of votes for progressive partylists as a rejection by the people of the progressive ideals and nationalist aspirations they espouse. Parlade even intentionally neglects that the 2019 mid-term election is full of irregularities and fraud, massive cheating and election result manipulation, wanton use of government resources and institutions to favor Duterte’s candidates, intimidations of opposition groups through red-tagging, fake Duterte narcolist and made-up “Oust Duterte Matrix”, unbriddled electioneering by the AFP and PNP—all but clear testaments how the AFP and the Duterte regime sabotage and hijack the popular will of the Filipino people. If the people truly rejects progressive partylists, how come they were able to win electoral seats despite the overwhelming odds placed upon them by the reactionary state and the mercenary AFP and PNP?

Parlade’s stupidy is further revealed by his claim that the cause against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism is a “jurassic” ideology. He only unmasked himself as a skunk tool and defender of the exploitative and oppressive semicolonial and semifeudal system reigning in the Philippine society. He defends US military intervention, exploitation and plunder of Philippine resources and trampling of the country’s sovereignty and misrepresents these as nationalism. He profits from military contracts and gain favors from being a loyal lap dog of Duterte. He is the Philippine personification of Hitler’s fascist propagandist Goebbels. What a buffoon Parlade, truly, is—a scumbag of the most lowly life form!

Lies and deceit cannot win over the truth. The revolutionary movement under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines continues to gain the trust and support of the Filipino people comprising the toiling masses of workers, peasants, the urban and rural poor as well as the youth, women, the urban petty bourgeoisie and middle bourgeoisie because the Party espouse the real democratic interests and national aspirations of the Filipino people for national democracy. No amount of twisting facts can deny the people of the truth that they suffer endlessly from the exploitation and suppression under the ruling system as well as under the tyrannical and fascist US-Duterte regime.###

A Retort to General Parlade’s Lies