A Revolutionary Salute to the People’s Army!

The Christians for National Liberation “is committed to the advance of the armed struggle as the principal and decisive form of struggle in the new democratic revolution.” (Program of the Christians for National Liberation, 8th National Congress, April 2017). Our participatory role in the revolutionary struggle is along the collective line of pursuing a united front of achieving the democratic revolution.

As our revolutionary forces continuously face the relentless militarized pursuits of the US-Duterte regime our comrades in the field with their unquestioned commitment continue winning and pursuing our revolutionary struggle. Our compatriots in the guerilla zones, committed to the ideals of people’s war, have consistently and resolutely pursued our democratic struggle.

During the 52nd Anniversary of the New People’s Army, the Christians for National Liberation intensely condemns the US-Duterte Regime for the following:

• Continued assassinations and attacks on progressive leaders, activists and ordinary citizens at the expense of human rights.
• Militarization and harassment of the communities.
• Failure to address the COVID pandemic, and ineptness of the government system.
• Unaccountable and chronic corruption of COVID-response funds (and loans) amounting to billions of dollars.
• Continuing social and economic sufferings of the Filipino people.

The CNL must work among our network in the church sector in amplifying the call and action to oust the Duterte regime, resolutely pursuing revolutionary means.

On the pursuit of the NPA’s armed resistance to achieve the goals of the Filipino people’s democratic revolution, the CNL encourages “members to join the NPA to develop likewise their revolutionary vision, standpoint and method wholistically” (Orientation of our Political Work in the Church Sector, 8th National Congress, April 2017).

Advance our Armed Struggle as we celebrate the 52nd Anniversary of the founding of the New People’s Army!

A Revolutionary Salute to the People’s Army!