A Tribute for Kerima, “Ka Akira, Kyla” Tariman

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The Tomas Pilapil Command-BHB East Camarines Sur offers its red salute to the martyrdom of Ka Kyla. At the same time, we extend our deepest condolences to her family and friends.

Like all of you, we feel unfathomable anguish towards the death of Ka Kyla in the hands of the butcher military in Negros on August 20. But despite her death, we are certain that this will only intensify the long drawn rage of the thousands of oppressed masses she had onced lived with, taught, organized and roused not only in the Negros region but here in Bikol as well, where she stayed from 2008 until 2010.

Ka Kyla had served under our front in East Camarines Sur as an admirable comrade. She was transferred to Camarines Sur after her stint in Sorsogon. There, she had participated in revolutionary mass work in the towns of Calabanga, Tinambac, Goa, Lagonoy, Garchitorena, Presentacion and Caramoan.

She easily won the hearts of the masses. She was an excellent instructor who raised the awareness of countless of masses. One cannot discount her contributions in fortifying the revolutionary mass organizations.

She uncovered the life of a red fighter and Party member through the lenses of MLM. For one, she twice exhibited great courage in responding to the attack of the enemy. After one ecounter, she was separated from her unit. As she travelled in search of the NPA unit she needed to regroup with, she met a masa. Because she was armed and was a stranger to the masa, she was not attended to. Despite that, she thanked him for letting her rest as she went on her way. She eventually joined the NPA unit who was also searching for her and was finally able to report what happened to them.

Ka Kyla was diligent, alert and vigilant. She had made use of her writing prowess in order to understand the things that confounded her. In all of the places her revolutionary work brought her to, she had written down and documented, for collective assessment, the circumstances, observed weaknesses and possible resolutions necessary for the development of the revolutionary agrarian reform. She had been able to impart much valuable research for the advancement of the revolutionary work in the province. Her open and critical eye for the conditions provided for the improvement of the practice to consolidate the mass movement. Something that the Bicolano masses continue to do and benefit from to this day.

Bicolanos will never ever forget the great contribution that Ka Kyla gave to the region. A Bicolano, who had shared her intelligence, talents and notable abilities to the land of her birth and to other parts of the country for the intensification of the national revolutionary movement.

Ka Kyla could bank on the fact that the Camarines Sureño will fortify their ranks along with the rest of the people of the country in order to prevent the fascist and oppressive regime from subduing the revolutionary movement. All the lessons, guidance, love and deep service she gave will forever endure in our hearts. This is the example we carry with us, as we study and practice MLM in order for us to realize our dreams of genuine liberation, peace and prosperity.

A Tribute for Kerima, “Ka Akira, Kyla” Tariman