AFP and PNP forces have option to surrender to avoid loss of lives

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The NPA raid in Barangay Dumagmang, Labo, Camarines Norte last Friday was a legitimate military action consistent with international rules on the conduct of war. The target, a counterinsurgency outpost of highly-trained police special action forces, was a legitimate military target.

The five police combat troops died during battle. They were fully armed and defended themselves.

Overwhelmed by the NPA, the three other police troops chose to surrender. They were treated well by the NPA. Medics of the NPA unit gave the injured troops of the PNP first aid before leaving the battle zone.

The three who survived the NPA raid wisely chose to surrender, especially after it became clear to them that the combat troops of the 96th IB encamped in the same barangay were not set to send reinforcements.

We urge the foot soldiers of the AFP and PNP who find themselves in battle with the NPA, especially a superior NPA force, to choose to surrender and submit their firearms in order to avoid the loss of lives.

The NPA assures enemy troops who surrender that no harm will befall them and that their rights under Geneva Conventions governing the conduct of war will be respected.

AFP and PNP forces have option to surrender to avoid loss of lives