AFP’s 5th ID resorts to gravedigging and weaving tall tales

Officers of the 95th IB and the 5th Infantry Division of the AFP are desperately weaving tall tales of Red fighters “dying of hunger” and of a “power struggle” within the New People’s Army in Isabela province. Last week, they resorted to gravedigging to exhume supposed “victims” to lend drama to their concocted stories, earn publicity points and project a winning posture despite having failed in their declared aim of crushing the NPA.

Sa ginawa nilang paghuhukay ng mga kalansay, ipinakikita ng AFP na talagang desperado silang gumawa ng mga pekeng balita para palabasing humihina ang NPA, matapos mabigong gapiin ang mga rebolusyonaryong armadong pwersa matapos ang mahigit limang taon ng walang-habas na panggegera.

In press releases and news stories on their websites and social media accounts, the AFP claimed that the “location” of the skeletal remains was supposedly disclosed by “NPA surrenderees.” Preposterously, the AFP and their supposed “surrenderees” identified by name the skeletal remains as belonging to NPA members.

The AFP has a long history of digging skeletons and moving them to another place to be “discovered.” This is what they did in Inopacan, Leyte, in a case that became known as the “traveling skeleton” which earned the AFP notoriety for inventing evidence.

When they could not show any battlefield victories, the AFP tries to make news of having found “shallow graves” to weave fantastic tales and stories and make it appear that the NPA does not treat their fallen fighters with dignity.

In reality, NPA fighters who fall in battle are accorded the highest honors and buried in simple rights and humble graves, no different from the oppressed masses.

On the contrary, it is the AFP that desecrates graves, even public graveyards, in a vain attempt to lend credence to their false stories and fake news that taint the good name and record of the NPA in fighting for the interests of the peasant masses and the Filipino people.

AFP's 5th ID resorts to gravedigging and weaving tall tales