AFP’s corruption and fake news–NPA-Negros

The recent so-called ‘surrender’ of a certain Jonel Moreno a.k.a Roy is another fabricated lie of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

The truth is Moreno is a local military asset who conducts intelligence operations for the AFP and extorts from businesses by posing as an NPA member in the guise of revolutionary taxation. The M16 rifle, .45 cal pistol and other accessories supposedly surrendered by Moreno are just recycled from the AFP’s arsenal.

Moreno is another proof of the government’s failed E-CLIP program, used as a cash cow by corrupt military men. The supposed aid from the program are pocketed by officials while rank-and-file soldiers and CAFGU suffer meager salaries and serve as cannon fodders in Duterte’s failing “anti-insurgency” campaign.

The AFP should instead focus on helping the Filipino people face the COVID-19 pandemic. While the New People’s Army with the entire revolutionary forces are implementing measures to help the people who are expecting aid from the government, the AFP are wasting funds on their failed propaganda against the ever stronger revolutionary movement. Tax payer’s money should be used on social services especially in this crisis, not on Pasaporte and his henchmen’s personal interest. These deceptive acts only anger the Filipino people even more, enticing them to take arms and revolt. Duterte proves once again that he is the #1 recruiter of the NPA.###

AFP’s corruption and fake news--NPA-Negros