AFP’s SAP distribution and bountying will only lead to corruption

The tyrannical US-Duterte regime’s plan of assigning the AFP in distributing the subsidies will lead nowhere but to corruption. It will only result to widespread human rights violations and enforced surrenders (of so-called “NPA suporters”) before the masses can avail of the Social Amelioration Program (SAP).

Billions of pesos are funnelled towards Duterte’s military cronies in exchange of their loyalty to the regime. Corruption within the AFP’s ranks is glaringly obvious yet it remains to be taboo because all the greedy officials of the AFP enjoy a piece of the pie.

The AFP is one of the dirtiest institutions of the Philippine Government. The command-in-chief DUterte and his generals pocket billions of pesos from their overpriced purchases of arms, ammunition, attack helicopters, missiles and other military equipment that amount to 2 billion US dollars and the bloated budget of military operations.

Duterte’s manoeuvre of letting the AFP lead the subsidy distribution is designed to terrorize the masses, and to push forward his fascist and dictatorial power. He aims to threaten and silence his critics and those who are vocal against the corruption of his tyrannical regime. He aims to consolidate his fascist machinery down to the barangay level and force them to follow military authority.

Under his “whole-of-nation approach”, the US-Duterte regime intends that every aspect of society is directly under the control of the military and police for counterinsurgency. Duterte makes sure that the military intervenes in civilian functions to establish his so-called “new normal” where his military and police control pretty much civilian lives.

The fascist regime’s recent announcement of a 2 million reward to anyone who can capture any high ranking official of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) & New People’s Army (NPA), dead or alive, is a desperate move. This goes to show that the regime and the AFP-PNP has no capacity to quell the revolutionary movement that is steadily gaining power along with the masses under the leadership of the CPP through armed revolution. This is also a ploy to further corrupt money from the government. The Filipino people are already aware that the counter-insurgency programs that supposedly reward money, like the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) and enforced surrenders only feed the pockets of corrupt AFP-PNP officials.

The tyrannical regime has no plans on solving the roots of the armed conflict in the Philippines. Instead of concentrating on solving the Covid-19 crisis, it strengthened its repressive measures to control the entire population through militarist means to further his fascist and dictatorial aims. This will only worsen the suffering of the Filipino people due to rising prices of basic commodities, massive unemployment, and low wage, on top of incarcerating the masses inside their homes, disabling them to look for means to sustain daily needs and live normally. The government’s authoritarian measures have dealt worse damages to the Filipinos than the pandemic itself. The US-Duterte regime is only enticing the masses even more to tread the path of armed revolution as a solution to the problems brought by the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system in the Philippines.

Oppose the dark plans of the tyrannical and dictatorial regime. Collectively fight the regime’s aims of establishing a fascist dictatorship, controlling the mobility of the masses by using the Covid-19 crisis as an excuse, in order to monopolize political control so he can remain in power well over his presidential term. Together, we should strengthen our unity through launching various forms of resistance, with armed revolution at the helm to remove the tyrannical regime.

Long live the toiling masses!
Advance the armed revolution until victory!

AFP’s SAP distribution and bountying will only lead to corruption