After failed attack, AFP peddles fake news


Yesterday, 5 of the combined troops of the 62nd IB and 33rd DRC were killed in the LPC-NPA’s successful counteroffensive in Barangay Sandayao, Guihulngan City.

To save face, the enemy is doing what it does best: spread misinformation. According to them, there are 2 unrecovered bodies of NPAs killed in the encounter, and that they also seized an M4 rifle and a KG9.

The LPC-NPA strongly belies these wild claims of the AFP, although it is not at all surprised with the enemy’s fabricated propaganda. This is exactly the kind of culture promoted and led by the likes of 3rd ID commander Arevalo, their spokesperson Apitong, 303rd Brigade commander Pasaporte, and their commander-in-chief Duterte.

Their humiliation in the foiled attack and the regime’s failing counterrevolutionary drive is evident as they spread fake news, illogical statements, and lash out against innocent civilians in Central Negros. This macho and dishonest culture is well-imbibed within the mercenary troops as indoctrinated by the US.

There is a simple truth to the matter: despite setbacks, the NPA is determinedly waging the armed revolution and is far from being defeated. The successive military actions inside the guerilla front and even other fronts in Negros is a glaring proof of that.

LPC-NPA calls on the media to be critical and investigate further and not rely merely on AFP scripts which have been proven over and over as barefaced lies. Moreover, the masses must remain vigilant of the AFP’s habit of killing or arresting civilians after suffering defeat, and presenting them as NPAs. Mass organizations, local politicians and leaders should collectively resist and demand justice from state-sponsored human rights violations.

After failed attack, AFP peddles fake news