Almost 900 victims of HRVs from June to mid August in Southeast Negros

The Rachelle Mae Palang Command-NPA Southeast Negros denounced the unabated assault and mass violations of the human rights of the civilian populace in the 3rd district of Negros Oriental as 11th IB intensify its implementation of Duterte’s monstrous campaign plan under NTF-ELCAC .

In the last two months and a half, a total of 899 individuals were victimized in 36 incidents of human rights violations involving extra-judicial killings, unlawful arrest, illegal search, torture, violation of domicile, enforced/fake surrender, threat/harassment/intimidation, military occupation of public places and populated areas, destruction of property and demolition/ejection of a farmers’ community.

The editorial staff of the revolutionary mass newsletter “Pulang Sidlakan”, from various sources and information networks, documented the said cases in the city and towns of Bayawan, Sta. Catalina, Siaton, Valencia, Zamboanguita and Bacong.

Ka Estrella Banagbanag, RMPC-NPA Southeast Negros spokesperson, said that during the aforesaid period of time the 11th IB and 705th RMF along with its paramilitary auxilliary forces launched several Focused Military Operations and Community Support Program psy-ops campaigns.

“LTC Ramir Redosendo as Duterte’s blood hound should be held accountable and must be brought to people’s justice along with his other fascist minions the like of Lt. Lacsamana of Kakha forward base detachment and Lt. Pulutan of Alpha Coy among others ,” Banagbanag added.

Almost 900 victims of HRVs from June to mid August in Southeast Negros