Amid fascist sabotage, masses celebrate NPA’s 53rd anniversary in Northern Samar

Counter-revolutionary vandals and military-instigated fake rallies in farming villages in the province did not stop units of the New People’s Army and the masses from victoriously celebrating today the 53rd anniversary of the NPA.

“As a desperate attempt to sabotage the people’s celebration, operating troops of the AFP-PNP vandalised pathways in barrios of Las Navas and Catubig with deceptive slogans and simultaneously held anticommunist rallies in several villages in time for the anniversary. The same forms of fascist sabotage happened in other towns of the province,” Amado Pesante, Spokesperson of NPA-Rodante Urtal Command (RUC) said.

In stark contrast, the masses celebrated their mutual love with the NPA and the accumulated victories they have garnered over the past 53 years. They painted celebratory streamers for the anniversary and filled pathways of ricefields with “I Love NPA” and “Katawhan Love BHB” slogans.

“The people cherish their army because the revolution is deeply entrenched in their land. They reap the harvest of agrarian revolution over the past decades such as lowering of land rent and significant reduction of prices of basic commodities among other antifeudal victories,” Pesante noted.

The peasant masses also rejoice the recent tactical offensives by the NPA-RUC aimed at punishing fascist criminals.

• On February 16, the NPA-RUC launched a tactical offensive in the boundary of Barangay Roxas and Barangay San Jose (Hibubullao), Catubig which killed two elements of the PNP-Special Action Force and two others were wounded in action.

• On February 21, another tactical offensive killed two fascist troops operating in Barangay Tungudnon, Catubig

• On February 24, Red fighters conducted harassment operation in Barangay Claro .M. Recto (Lobedico), Catubig where one soldier was reported to have been wounded in action.

• On March 2, a team from NPA-RUC sniped Alexander Castro, a known handler of the intelligence network in Barangay San Isidro, Las Navas

• On March 3, “Dodoy” Quilbio, an active military asset, CAFGU member, and forest guide of the AFP-PNP in their combat operations, was sniped in Barangay Dapdap, Las Navas. Quilbio is also notorious for killing his own wife besides other crimes lodged by the masses.

• On March 5, a snipe operation was again conducted by an NPA unit in Barangay Claro M. Recto (Lobedico), Catubig, wounding one soldier.

• On March 21, another snipe operation was conducted in Barangay Nagoocan, Catubig where one soldier was wounded and picked up by two Black Hawk helicopeters.

• On March 25, Red fighters also conducted a harassment operation against operating AFP-PNP troops in Barangay San Francisco, Catubig.

“These are responses to the fascist crimes of the AFP-PNP in villages, most notably the killing of peasant children in Roxas village of Catubig who were only gathering coconut kiln (copra) last February 8,” Pesante said, referring to reports of its NPA units in Las Navas-Catubig.

The peasant masses reported military abuses such as forcing residents to surrender, midnight interrogations, surveillance, harassment, illegal search and seizure, and even threats that they will burn down homes of those they suspect as supporters of NPA.

The residents are fed up with the military’s psywar campaign of fake surrender, building counterrevolutionary organizations, false flag operations, bribery to children, influencing village youth with decadent culture (e.g., pornography sharing), fake rallies, and many senseless meetings.

“We salute the masses for their resilience and persistence in resisting martial rule and war of terror instigated by the AFP-PNP. We salute all Red fighters for their dedication, selflessness, and persistence to defend the masses and pursue the path of revolutionary struggle. We honor our fallen heroes, most especially “Ka Phrex,” who fought until the end despite being outnumbered by fascist troops last March 25 in Barangay San Francisco, Catubig,” Pesante said.

On the occasion of the 53rd anniversary of the NPA, Pesante calls on the people to strengthen their ties with the people’s army, expose and oppose the military’s atrocities, lies, and false flag operations, overcome fear, and resolutely advance in the path of the revolutionary struggle.

Amid fascist sabotage, masses celebrate NPA's 53rd anniversary in Northern Samar