Amid people’s pandemic sufferings, PSG vaccination is Duterte’s worst act of corruption and abuse of power

The broad masses of the Filipino people are enraged that Duterte’s Presidential Security Guards (PSG) have received priority Covid-19 vaccination while health workers, teachers, workers and the rest of the Filipino people are uncertain
when the vaccines will be available in the country and when they would be inoculated.

Amid the raging pandemic and people’s sufferings, the “VIP vaccination” of the PSG, and possibly Duterte himself and other Malacañang officials is, by far, the worst and most disgusting criminal act of corruption and self-serving abuse of power and privilege.

Duterte is covering up the crime by threatening Congress against doing an investigation. By doing so, he has only further provoked widespread suspicion that he, himself, allowed the smuggling of illegal vaccines, and that the “vaccine donations” received by Malacañang for the VIP vaccinations are “goodwill” by big pharmaceuticals to bag a government contract.

The people are outraged how Malacañang flaunted the laws by acquiring the vaccines for itself offending even its own agencies, as well as as some military officers. There was a consensus that even among state officials that there should be an investigation into a possible violation of laws. Duterte spoke last night and ordered all his men to shut up.

However, his justification that that the vaccination of his PSG men is an act of “self-preservation” does not hold water. It is, in fact, an utterly appalling reasoning that serves only his own interest. Who would not believe that Duterte himself ordered his men inoculated when he himself has revealed he could not bear his security guards “socially distanced” from him? Who would not believe that Duterte himself has been inoculated after several days having seen no side-effects among his security guards?

Who would not believe that Malacañang itself is involved in large-scale smuggling of unlicensed vaccines going on in the country? What other reason would Malacañang gleefully welcome the report that 100,000 Chinese workers have been illegally inoculated with smuggled vaccines? Who else but Duterte controls smuggling in the country having assigned his trusted military officers to take over complete control of the Bureau of Customs since 2017?

The Filipino people are gravely insulted by the VIP vaccination of Duterte’s PSG when his government has yet no clear plan even for acquiring the vaccines as rival minions are still busy jockeying for the privilege to import and pocket the kickbacks. Duterte has no plans of acquiring enough vaccines as he allotted a mere 2.7% of the ₱72 billion worth of vaccines needed to inoculate at least 60 million Filipinos. The rest is dependent on whether he could borrow more money or arm-twist the big companies to “donate” money for purchasing vaccines.

The people demand to know the truth and reject Duterte’s threats and efforts to stop any investigation. They demand to have Duterte answer for his corruption and abuse of power.

Amid people's pandemic sufferings, PSG vaccination is Duterte's worst act of corruption and abuse of power