Amid the darkness of US-Duterte’s new martial law, resolutely advance the people’s war to a higher level!

Today we commemorate the 48th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law in the country by the fascist US-Marcos dictatorship, as well as, the great struggle of the people in all fields that culminated in the Edsa Uprising that toppled that dictatorship.

The slogan “People’s War the Answer to Martial Law!” was popular at gigantic rallies especially among the youth during that time. This slogan remains valid at present in view of the unrelenting fascist attacks on the people of the openly terrorist and dictatorial reign of the US-Duterte regime.

By zealously implementing the neo-liberal economic policies of imperialism, people’s condition became ever more abysmal and poverty and hunger greatly pervasive. This condition pushed the people to wage all forms of struggles to fight for their just demands. But these are viciously suppressed by militarist measures, programs and campaigns.

In Negros, de facto martial law prevailed through Memo Order 32 implemented by means of Synchronized Enhanced Management of Police Operations (SEMPO) and attendant operational campaign plans such as Oplan Sauron 1, 2 and Oplan Bran Stark that murdered at least 30 farmers and personalities in which 7 hailed from the 3rd District of Negros Oriental.

As a result, the people are driven to traverse the path of armed struggle to put an end to exploitation and oppression and constitute a society that is truly democratic, prosperous and just.

The ouster of the US-Duterte regime is an urgent imperative at present. While the objective situation is exceedingly favorable to advance the revolution to a higher level.

The US-Duterte regime is dreaming in broad daylight if it thinks that it can browbeat the people and extirpate their struggle through state terrorism. The nation and people united can never be defeated. The darkness of the new martial law cannot impede nor deter the advance of the revolution. ###

Amid the darkness of US-Duterte's new martial law, resolutely advance the people's war to a higher level!