The New People’s Army is NOT ‘for hire’

True to the mode of liars and fabricators, PNP regional director John Bulalacao, PNP provincial director Marlon Tayaba and the 61st IB command thru its information officer 1st Lieut. Hazel Joy Durotan have prattled that they have facts concerning politicians who hire the NPA during election and that they have long known this. When asked by media who these politicians or candidates are, they were evasive in naming names since they still have to be ‘verified’.

The sole reason of these fascist Duterte toadies is to liken the NPA to mercenaries and private armies like them. They want to threaten the public and candidates this coming election that the NPA resort to extortion and protection racket for entry to areas under the control of revolutionary power.

The NPA has never ever been paid goons by any politician or candidate. The NPA has never stood as ‘gun for hire’ by any individual personality, group or political party.

The NPA is a stark contrast to the mercenary and lapdog troops of the AFP and PNP who blindly follow the cruel and brutal orders of their murderous and blood-thirsty president. The NPA is the people’s army, servants of the masses, defending and serving the people exploited and oppressed by the ruling class and reactionary regime.

The NPA was borne out of the revolutionary tradition and struggle of the Pilipino people contrary to the AFP and PNP which were molded from the mercenary and puppet tradition and orientation imposed by US imperialism on the puppet regimes from the collaborator and puppet president Manuel Roxas to the present traitor, murderer and puppet president Rodrigo Duterte.

The NPA are defenders of the lives, livelihood and rights of the people in territories covered by the people’s democratic government. The democratic government acknowledges and respects the people’s right to participate in the reactionary election in spite of this being a race for power by the ruling class.

The NPA enforces the laws and regulations of the people’s democratic power and these include policies related to the reactionary election. The revolutionary government has enforced regulations to all politicians who desire to campaign in its territory. No activity or movement of any candidate or his/her followers will be allowed unless they consent to the following policies.

First of all is to acknowledge and respect the policies of the people’s democratic government.
Second is the prohibition of any candidate to enter the territory of the democratic government to carry firearms or escorted by armed forces such as the AFP, PNP, CAFGU or goons, private army, security guards.
Third is the prohibition of bringing cash for the purpose of buying the people’s votes.
Fourth, the use of threats or intimidation upon voters is strictly prohibited.
Fifth, it is prohibited to enter the territory for the purpose of surveillance, sway the people to spy on the NPA, to join the CAFGU, to be an informer or intel asset against the NPA.
Sixth, it is prohibited to threaten or persuade the people to surrender to the reactionary government, AFP or PNP as surrenderers, supporters or sympathizers of the NPA.
Seventh, we do not allow the entry of politicians who are rabid counter-revolutionaries or have blood debts to the people and the revolutionary movement.

The above policies are intended to defend and protect the rights, freedom and harmony enjoyed by the people. It also aims to bring about the conditions for candidates to freely present their program and platform which would help improve the conditions of the peasant masses who continue to suffer in poverty worsened by the cruel and vicious policies of the traitorous and murderous US-Duterte regime.

The clear policies of the people’s democratic government show that the NPA is an army that genuinely serves the exploited and oppressed masses. This is in sharp contrast and disparity from the murderous, thieving, robbing and extortionist Duterte mercenary lapdogs in Panay such as the 61st IB, PNP-6, PDEA-6, RDEU-6, CIDG-6, DDS and other para-militaries.

The NPA is held in high prestige as the true army of the people while the paid hacks of the tyrant Duterte in Panay are full of controversies involved in corruption, killings and robbery in carbon-copy fashion after their mad commander in chief.

The New People’s Army is NOT ‘for hire’