Another vicious ‘Sauron’-like attack in Central Negros forthcoming


The Apolonario Gaitmaitan Regional Operational Command of the New People’s Army-Negros Island today disclosed that 303rd Brigade and their police cohorts are set to launch new rounds of ‘Sauron’ operations in the farming villages of Isabela and Binalbagan, Negros Occidental.

‘Sauron’ operations are mark by its sheer brutality and blood-thirsty onslaught against red-tagged and unarmed civilians using grotesquely overwhelming force.

As per information from concerned patriotic elements in the military and police, Barangay Camangcamang in Isabela, Barangays Biao and Santol and adjacent areas area the main targets of these synchronize operations that will possibly be conducted in the last week of March or the 1st week of April.

It’s likely that the 303rd Brigade and PNP forces will resort to all dirty tricks such as illegal searches, unlawful arrests, extra-juducial killings and the like.

Whatever may come to the civilians and residents in these areas, nobody will be held accountable but the fascist military and police who has been red-tagging them all along.

We call on the people of Central Negros to stand for their rights amid ever intensifying repression and state terrorism of the US-Duterte regime. ###

Another vicious ‘Sauron’-like attack in Central Negros forthcoming