Armed revolution has just become most relevant


The US-Duterte regime is running out of tricks in its desperation to force the New People’s Army (NPA) into cooptation and capitulation. The revolutionary movement in Negros is not taking the bait of localized peace talks. The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) is humiliated and BGen. Benedict Arevalo of the 303rd Brigade so red-faced with the screw-ups of his troops. They have devised several faulty schemes such as fake surrenderees, fake encounters, fake news and fake accusations and evidences against mass leaders and progressive groups. There is no one left to believe their lies and, as always, they turn to brute force.

And here comes BGen. Eric Vinoya who heads the Joint Task Force – Negros and, for sure, lords over the Provincial Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict of Negros Oriental and Occidental. He, like his Commander-in-Chief Duterte, promises an iron fist in destroying the guerrilla fronts in Negros Island. But all it means is intensified and more brutal de facto martial law in Negros.

Vinoya arrogantly claims that Negrenses clamor for an end to local communist conflict but fails to grasp that the US-Duterte regime of which he plays henchman only justifies armed conflict even more with its tyranny, treachery, deception and massive corruption of the people’s coffers. Like all past regimes subservient to United States’ domination, Duterte has only gone further in licking the boots of the US and worst also seeks China’s favor putting Filipinos in a very treacherous situation.

Let me correct Vinoya. It is true that the people are fed up with atrocities but these are only perpetrated by the fascist troops you are a part of. The crimes of the AFP/PNP done in the service of the ruling class of big compradors and land lords are deeply etched in Philippine history and the minds of the people. The Negrenses know that you are heading a terroristic and fascist machinery that has wreaked havoc in their communities costing them their families, homes and livelihood. Within Duterte’s reign of terror, the political death toll in Negros has gone beyond a hundred and thousands have been terrorized. There were no other butchers so proud to acknowledge themselves in the implementation of bloody Oplan Sauron 1 and 2 but the AFP and PNP.

Vinoya threatens that JTF Negros will hit Negros rebels hard. The New People’s Army is ready to face these attacks. As the genuine people’s army, the NPA will launch tactical offensives to fight for and defend the people. Unlike the AFP/PNP, the people does not only support us unwaveringly but they fight with us. This is, in fact, a people’s war. Again and again, the AFP/PNP will fail while the revolutionary movement and the People’s Democratic Government will continue to strengthen.

BGen. Vinoya, what you must understand is that with the rottenness of the Duterte regime you staunchly defend, the armed revolution led by the Communist Party of the Philippines has just become most relevant.###

Armed revolution has just become most relevant