Attempted slay, theft and other rights abuses marked Siaton operation


The ongoing military operation in the three barangays of Siaton, Negros Oriental that started on Christmas day has resulted in mounting cases of human rights violations and military-police brutality on civilians.

At least 10 cases of rights abuses such as attempted extra-judicial killings, forcible entry & occupation of houses, theivery inside occupied houses, interrogation, threat and intimidation were documented in just a week.

Among the most serious of these cases is the attempted murder of motor taxi driver and farmer Renan Tidor.

Last December 29, 11th IB’s intelligence officer M/Sgt. Borja, a certain Marlon from NTF-ELCAC and notorious military asset Virgilio Baya constantly tailed Tidor from the town center to Barangay Tayak where he resided.

Sensing something amiss along the way, Tidor ditched his motorcycle in sugarcane fields halfway and escaped on foot.

The trio continued their pursuit on Tidor this time with weapons apparently drawn until they eventually got lost in their way in the middle of thick fields.

Before this, Borja has been consistently red-tagging Tidor online and verbally accusing him as being the “transporter of the NPA responsible for transferring personnel and equipment from one place to another.”

Meanwhile, Santa Claus did not come to the houses of Ruben Namuco in Barangay Tayak and Jason Delamata in Barangay Napacao on Christmas day, but the evil and pillaging military-police forces that forcibly enter, ransacked at will and stole personal belongings and whatever things that caught their caprice.

In his utter disgust and outraged over of this gestapo-like act, Delamata went straight to the headquarters of 11th IB to demand an explanation and retrieved his belongings. But, as expected, Delamata’s grievances fell to deaf ears and was arrogantly brushed aside.

11th IB is indeed living to its basic reactionary and fascist orientation as an army of the oppressive and exploitative classes of society, and the terrorist US-Duterte regime.

No wonder more and more people are enlisting in the genuine people’s army – the New People’s Army. ###

Attempted slay, theft and other rights abuses marked Siaton operation