Badoy’s rabid mouth is drooling with lies and frothing with fascist garbage


Lorraine Badoy, the notorious red-tagger spokesperson of the National Task Force (NTF)-Elcac, is like a rabid dog, frothing in the mouth with anti-communist garbage, drooling with lies, and barking and biting left and right against those who stand against the rights abuses and power excesses under Duterte’s tyrannical regime.

Badoy is clearly in a state of paranoia in the face of rising prospects of an end to their reign of terror. This is evidenced by her successive red-tagging attacks against the Makabayan block of party-list groups, against presidential candidate Vice President Leni Robredo, against Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong, against the National Union of People’s Lawyers, and against Sen. Leila de Lima.

She invariably calls these groups and individuals as communists or being friendly to communists. She considers the notorious butcher Gen. Jovito Palparan her hero and even interviewed him in a NTF-Elcac-funded television show in a desperate act of resurrecting his reputation while he is rotting in jail. (It turns out, Palparan is not rotting in jail, but is enjoying undeserved privileges despite his conviction for the heinous abduction and torture of UP students activists.)

She spits venom and disinformation against those who have been critical of the NTF-Elcac and its policy of intolerance of democracy and divergent ideas. She furiously demands everyone to support the NTF-Elcac and promotes fascist suppression against those who are not supportive of its draconian counterinsurgency doctrine and do not wish to be part of its military-controlled “whole-of-government approach.”

Badoy is fooling the people by pretending that she does not know the difference between the political opposition and legal democratic forces, on the one hand, and the revolutionary armed movement led by the CPP and being waged by the New People’s Army in the countryside. Political freedom and people’s lives have been subjected to attacks as a result of the malicious hype promoted by Badoy and the NTF-Elcac.

As a result of the red-tagging of Badoy and the NTF-Elcac, there is less and less space for democratic expression, as Filipinos are increasingly fearful of the often violent repercussions of raising their voices.

Unwittingly, and ironically, Badoy and her ilk are pushing more and more people to side with and root for the CPP which is a staunch defender of democracy and freedom, and to take the path of revolutionary armed resistance. In her delirious red-tagging, she has only helped convinced the Filipino people that taking up arms has become the only option to defend their legitimate interests, and fight for their patriotic and democratic aspirations.

Badoy’s rabid mouth is drooling with lies and frothing with fascist garbage