Bikolanos, rise up! Unite and strengthen struggle for basic rights!

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The incomprehensible poverty that the masses endure are rousing an even greater number of the population, compelling them to organize and mobilize for their socioeconomic rights. Members of different sectors suffer from an endless stream of problems: anti-poor policies of the government, the still rampaging pandemic and now, the sky-rocketing oil prices.

Bikolanos are shaking in fury with the regime’s statements regarding the oil price crisis. According to the capitalist-stooge US-Duterte regime, they cannot suspend the oil excise tax because the amount to be collected will be used to fund the government’s destructive projects such as the Build, Build, Build.

Duterte’s grave misprioritization results to wide-reaching and deeply entrenched suffering for the masses. The incomparable hardship that the fisherfolk and the peasantry experience now is brought by ceaseless policies crucifying them to the crux of poverty. Workers who have long been bearing their inadequate wages are now wrung further through the proposal of additional work hours. Meanwhile, women are exhausting all means to make their husbands’ income enough for their households. Many of whom are peasants, fisherfolk or workers.

The current conditions are ripe for the strengthening of all Bikolanos’ unity in their demand to suspend the excise tax on oil, repeal the Oil Deregulation Law and other anti-people laws such as the Rice Tariffication Law, Philippine Fisheries Code Amendments of 2015, TRAIN Law among others. They must seize the situation to reach an even greater number to be aroused, organized and mobilized and to bolster their struggle for the people’s right to live decently. Their unity is an unwavering force that shall frustrate all US-Duterte regime’s destructive policies and steps.

The Bikolanos must not accept extreme poverty just so the avaricious US-Duterte regime can save the ruling class. They must be even more active in their struggle and to finally resolve their problems. Because of the immeasurable paucity they suffer, it only becomes clearer that the only genuine way to achieve societal justice is to end the semicolonial and semifeudal society.

Bikolanos, rise up! Unite and strengthen struggle for basic rights!