Bombing and Strafing by Govt Troops Terrorize MP Communities


The continuous bombing and strafing by the joint combat units of the 7th ID of the AFP and PNP Special Action Force in Mountain Province this February have brought terror and great disturbance to the communities, according to Magno Udyaw, spokesperson of Leonardo Pacsi Command – New People’s Army Mountain Province.

Last February 11, at least one bomb was dropped and four rounds of strafing was done in the pasture land and production area of Brgy. Tamboan, Besao. This was followed by nine rounds of strafing in the boundary of Besao, and Tubo, Abra, which is considered as a pasture land and hunting grounds by surrounding communities, last February 15. “The bombing and strafing was done even there was no armed encounter between government troops and the NPA this February in the province. It has only terrorized village folks and has disturbed their livelihood.

Udyaw recalled that after the successful tactical offensive by a unit under the Augustin Begnalen Command – NPA Abra, government troops have dropped at least 14 bombs in the boundary of Tubo and Besao which has killed a pasture animal. “According to Major Rogelio Dumbrigue of the 7th ID, bombing and strafing are a standard operating procedure of the military with or without armed encounter with the NPA. This only means that they have no concern about the lives and livelihood of innocent civilians. These bombings and strafing is only meant to bring fear among the people,” Udyaw added.

Lastly, Udyaw called for the people of Mountain Province to: 1) condemn such terroristic acts by the AFP and PNP; 2) demand for indemnification for the killed pasture animals, environmental destruction, and trauma experienced by the people; 3) and demand to totally cease military operations in this time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Bombing and Strafing by Govt Troops Terrorize MP Communities