CAA-AFP detachments are sanctuaries for criminals; Jasmen Acevedo’s bandit gang have long been active members and bask under its protection

Lt. Col. Allan Macapagal, Deputy Provincial Director for Operation Police sa Surigao Del Sur gibasahan sa ilang warrant of arrest (3 counts robbery w/ homicide) ang grupo ni Datu Jasmen Acevedo ug mga kaubanan niini nga mga armado sa dihang boluntaryo kining mitahan sa ilang kaugalingon sa PNP ug 36IB,PAbit bit ang ilang mga armas aron sa kampo sa 36IB,PA, Dayoan, Tago, Surigao Sur.

Geplaatst door Sure Balita op Maandag 2 september 2019


The much-ballyhooed surrender on September 4 of notorious bandit chief Jasmen Acevedo together with his armed band before a smirking PNP-Surigao del Sur is farcical and deceptive. Indeed, Acevedo and his gang, despite standing warrants of arrest for three counts of robbery with homicide, have long been on active duty at the CAA-36th IB detachment in Brgy. Umalag, San Miguel, Surigao del Sur. Local government and police officials in San Miguel town have long been aware of Acevedo’s whereabouts, and they could have had him arrested anytime long before his so-called “voluntary surrender.”

Acevedo’s bandit group is notorious for crimes committed in the municipality of San Miguel, Surigao del Sur, such as robbery, murder, land grabbing, forcible exaction from poor farmers especially during harvest season and extorting from small-scale miners in the area. This has been a great worry for many residents there. However, since this group is under the protection of the AFP and the PNP, they remain free to continue with their vile criminal activities, threatening the very lives of residents in the area.

Clearly, CAA-SCAA-AFP detachments in Caraga have become sanctuaries for criminals. Aside from the army detachment in Brgy. Umalag, other examples include: the CAA-3rd SFB detachment in Sitios Inagawan ang Gakub in Brgy. La Purisima and Brgy. Sta. Irene in Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur where Calpit Egua’s bandit group thrive; the CAA-36th IB detachment in Brgy. Panikyan, Carrascal, Surigao del Sur which serves as a base for the bandit Bagani group; and, the CAA-3rd SFB detachment in Brgy. Bolhoon in San Miguel, where Emerson Cuarteron’s criminal gang hide out.

Moreover, AFP and PNP officials connive with these bandit groups in running illegal small-scale mines as a cash cow. The same military officials also illicitly rent out AFP firearms to these criminal gangs in defense of their illegal mining activities.

These criminal groups are purposely left intact and unpunished for the AFP’s and PNP’s continuing campaign of repression against people’s struggles. The AFP and PNP heavily depend on these criminals for their ruthlessness as rabid counter-revolutionaries.

Thus, such machinations by the AFP and PNP must be widely exposed and opposed. Strongly push for the complete dismantling of these groups and punish the criminals on the actual weight of the heinousness of their crimes. The NPA must launch tactical offensives against these fascist troops as punishment for their crimes and render justice for the victims of these criminals who currently enjoy the protection of the AFP and PNP.###

CAA-AFP detachments are sanctuaries for criminals; Jasmen Acevedo's bandit gang have long been active members and bask under its protection