Celebrate the golden year of the NPA! Frustrate Duterte’s de facto Martial Law and advance the people’s war to victory!


On the 50th anniversary of the New People’s Army (NPA), today, March 29, 2019, the Red fighters and commanders of the Roselyn Jean Pelle Command (RJPC), Northern Negros guerilla front are one with our Party, the entire nation and the mass membership of revolutionary organizations in celebrating this ocassion.

The RJPC gives its highest salute to our revolutionary martyrs especially the Red fighters and commanders who gave their life for the people’s war during the past 50 years.

The fascist troops of the US-Duterte regime, meanwhile, are ridiculous indeed in showing-off their desperation in arresting a peace consultant and spokesperson of the National Democratic Front (NDF) in Negros Island, Fr. Francisco “Ka Frank” Fernandez along with his wife, comrade Cleofe Lagtapon, around 5:00 in the morning of March 24, 2019, despite their old age and frail health. The military is truly hoggish in surveilling and tailing Ka Frank and his companions.

The people of Negros who cherish Ka Frank and Ka Cleofe cannot but feel heavy-hearted and dismayed with the fascists’ latest move. Ka Frank has been known to serve and look after the interests of ordinary people since the Marcos Martial Law era as a priest of the Catholic Church, until he decided to embrace the armed struggle to defend the masses of workers and peasants.

This shows that the US-Duterte regime was never serious with the peace talks and in resolving the roots of the armed conflict. This only teaches the people that there is no other way to achieve genuine national freedom and democracy but through armed struggle.

Despite intensifying militarization and abuses of the fascist AFP and PNP here in Negros, the NPA, particularyly the Red Fighters and commanders of its Negros Island operational command, the Apolinario Gatmaitan Command (AGC), continue to gain strength and numbers severalfold, as its revolutionary mass base continues to grow to hundreds of thousands in its areas of responsibility.

The class enemies have failed in their attempt to crush the revolutionary movement in North Negros as the fascist troops of the reactionary government were only made blind and deaf as to revolutionary activities in the guerilla zones. Guerilla units of the RJPC, along with the massess in their thousands, continue to joyously celebrate the momentous 50th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the NPA through continuous political education, organizing and strengthening of armed struggle and the whole revolutionary movement. Frustrate the brutal counter-revolutionary war of the US-Duterte regime!

NPA units across the country have launched successive tactical offensives through intensive and extensive guerilla warfare based on an ever-widening and deepening mass base. It continues to exert full effort to respond to the call of the people for justice through annihilative, attritive and other punitive actions against abusive military and paramilitary troops of the US-Duterte regime, counterrevolutionaries, and other rotten criminal elements that harm the people.

In our Red salute to the 50th anniversary of the NPA, we also remember the martyrdom of the victims of political killings perpetrated by this fascist regime: the workers and peasants who rose in struggle, particularly the Sagay 9.

The barbaric killing of 9 farmworkers in Hacienda Barbara, Brgy. Bulanon, Sagay City on October 20, 2018, was preposteously blamed on the NPA in order to silence the people and cover up the tracks of landlords and rotten politicians who were actually involved in the massacre. Memorandum Order 32 was enforced in Negros Island in order to facilitate more killings, harassment and militarization of

communities. Lies were deliberately propagated by the fascists as they deny the truth that the NPA is the one true defender of the masses, for without the people’s army, the people have nothing.

The sower of lies and the newly-promoted general liar Benedict Arevalo of the 303rd Brigade along with his minion Emelito Thaddeus Logan of the 79th Infantry Battalion, those who tell their victims that they are from the 11th IB PA although this unit has not yet returned to the island; their paramilitary forces and mercenary groups such as the SCAA/CAA, CAFGU, the RPA bandit group and private goons of landlords; elements of the Special Action Force (SAF), Regional Mobile Force (RMF) and regional public safety coy of the Philippine National Police (PNP) — they are the actual terrorists who sow much fear and terror in Negros as they pretend to serve the people.

It must be recalled that the military circulated the shameful lie about a fake encounter in Brgy. Washington, Escalante City, which brought casualties upon their own ranks. They concocted fake surrenders of fake commanders and fake fighters of the NPA here in North Negros. All of these are pure lies and desperate illusions, nothing but the stinking modus of the military’s fascist troops.

The people of North Negros bore witness to desperate moves of the money-greedy Arevalo and Logan in bannering the senseless Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integrated Program or E-CLIP where large-scale corruption in the reactionary government is coursed through due to the millions of pesos of funds allocated for this. This is the reason why they coerce and threaten ordinary farmers and civilians to “surrender” through their Civil Military Operations (CMO) and Peace and Development Teams (PDT) that occupy the barangays for several months.

They claim as victories their own lies and falsifications that fool only themselves and the reactionary government!

The imposition of Memorandum Order 32 or the US-Duterte regime’s de facto Martial Law here in Negros Island has greatly harmed civilians, the workers and peasants here in North Negros. Heightened militarization in the cities and the countryside violate the rights of civilians.

‘The RJPC will launch tactical offensives while constantly improving its military capacity and the ideological foundation of Red commanders and fighters in order to steel their resolve in engaging the enemy. The people’s army will contine to organize, educate and mobilize the masses for the armed struggle, establishment of organs of Red political power and advancement of the agrarian revolution which responds to the demands of the impoverished toiling masses.

The RJPC calls on the entire people to fight de facto martial law in Negros Island, and courageously their defend and lives and livelihood. The RJPC also calls on the people to join the armed struggle advanced by the New People’s Army.

VIVA NPA @ 50!

Celebrate the golden year of the NPA! Frustrate Duterte’s de facto Martial Law and advance the people’s war to victory!