Christians for National Liberation on the 51st anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines

On the 51st anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines, we the Christians for National Liberation (CNL) salute and applaud all Red commanders, fighters, political officers and members of the people’s militia, local guerrilla and self-defense units who have rendered invaluable service to the peasants, workers and the national minorities.

The CNL unites with the Filipino people in celebrating with utmost pride this anniversary for it is rich with the golden years track record. We can attest the fact that truly the CPP have been consistent in pursuing the armed revolution. They have effectively carried out the revolutionary task of defending the people’s welfare by delivering decisive blows against the fascist forces of the previous administration and now the US-Duterte regime. They have taken significant strides to bring the people’s war to higher level with the end in view of ushering in the victory of the national democratic revolution towards the country’s socialist future.

Our profound gratitude to their families who offered their good sons and daughters to take conscious and active part in the undertakings of the true army of the people. For more than five decades, we are grateful to all our allies as well, that despite the all-out vain effort by the ruling classes and its reactionary government to malign and crush the revolutionary movement, have not waivered in their support. We were happy few days ago that the President expressed to open again the PEACE talks but it was short lived when he ordered to “crush” the enemies of the state whom he described as terrorists. The state uses the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program or E-CLIP through his Executive Order # 70 providing for a Whole-of-Nation Approach (WNA) with the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELC) that synchronizes the utilization of the government’s instrumentalities of power with the capabilities of the private sector stakeholders to finally end the armed revolution , but they failed.

Our highest red salute to all revolutionary martyrs including church people who laid down their lives for the people and for the victory of the armed revolution. They remained true to the revolutionary tasks and responsibilities resulting in reaping numerous victories against enemy forces through the guidance of the CPP. The US-Duterte regime further deepens the semi-feudal and semi-colonial crisis by completing the implementation of neoliberal policies imposed by US imperialism.

We call on the Christians for National Liberation [CNL] nationwide and church people to continue their formation of Christians to carry on the legacy in exercising their prophetic role and the historic mission for the marginalized sectors in attaining national liberation. Send more young people to join the real people’s army and for logistical support, thus the accumulated victories in the past will serve as an inspiration to redouble their efforts to launch more tactical offensives against the enemy, utilizing a wide array of tactics to achieve our strategic goal – national liberation.

Resume Peace Talks ! Long live the People’s Democratic Revolution with a Socialist Perspective !

Christians for National Liberation on the 51st anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines