Command-Detonated Explosive Devices of the NPA are Legitimate

The Leonardo Pacsi Command belies the PNP’s allegation that the NPA is violating the Rules of War and International Humanitarian Law in using Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) in the series of tactical offensives it launched against the joint forces of PNP-Cordillera and the 54th IB Phil Army on March 29, Mach 31 and April 2 on the mountains of Bauko and Tadian, Mt. Province.

The improvised explosive devices used by the NPA in its harassment and ambush operations, particularly are Command-Detonated Explosive Devices (CDX) which are legitimate and intentionally used for the enemy targets. For the PNP and AFP’s cognizance, these command-detonated explosive devices are man-detonated and controlled. These are orderly mounted only on designated killing zones. These explode only when their detonators are pushed and are only detonated when the legitimate targets enter the killing zone. These don’t explode even when stepped on or kicked. These are properly connected on manual blasting machines and that the Red fighters ensure that these explode only when the targets are already inside the designated killing zones. These are carefully manufactured by the ordnance units of the NPA and are ensured that they don’t damage nor cause accidents to civilians. Likewise, these are not irresponsibly left and scattered.

Also for additional knowledge of the PNP and AFP, what the 1997 Ottawa treaty clearly prohibits are targetdetonated anti-personnel landmines, or explosives that are purposely designed to explode when stepped on or tapped. The Ottawa Treaty doesn’t prohibit the use of command-detonated anti-personnel, anti-vehicle and anti-tank landmine.

Moreover, only state actors are covered by the Ottawa Treaty and therefore the CPP and NPA are not bound to it, and the Ottawa Treaty is likewise not included in the ordinary agreements that cover international laws. Nevertheless, the CPP and NPA recognize and respect the provisions of the Ottawa Treaty that prohibit the use of target-detonated anti-personnel landmines. Thus, the NPA ensures that the explosives it uses are directly, exclusively and precisely focused only on sure and legitimate enemy targets. This is contrary to the reckless bombing and strafing practices of the fascist military troops which do not have clear targets and that cause vast destruction on the lives and livelihood of the civilian populace.

In publicizing such allegations, the PNP and AFP are only obscuring their losses on these battles and desperately grabbing the masses’ sympathy on their casualties. They keep on blabbering such fake news as recovering these IEDs on the battle sites on said dates only to deceive and terrorize the people and thwart them of utilizing the natural resources of their ancestral lands. They distort the truth even if they are the ones who blatantly violate the Comprehensive Agreement on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL), the International Humanitarian Law and Rules of War by using weapons of mass destruction such as cluster bombs, white phosporous, moab and others which were used by the AFP and its US imperialist master in destroying Marawi, and to their other imperialist, anti-people, and counter-revolutionary wars in different parts of the Philippines and other countries. They also used such kinds of explosives in Cordillera, like when they bombed the mountains of Malibcong, Abra in 2017. In the past combat operations of the AFP and PNP in Cordillera, they bombed, strafed and uncontrollably sprayed bullets on the forests, fields, communities and even on small mines to forcibly impose the anti-people policies of DENR and protect the giant mines, logging and destructive hydropower projects. These caused grave trauma, threat on the lives and destruction on the people’s livelihood.

The CPP and NPA strictly adhere to the Rules of War and International Humanitarian Law. They comply to the high standards of the international humanitarian laws in carrying out armed struggle for national liberation. This is manifested on their formal and official conformity to the Geneva Conventions and 1977 Protocol, likewise on forging an accord with the GRP on creating the CARHRIHL.

Because of this, the people continuously and unyieldingly relies on the NPA as their true soldier and defender. The advancement of the armed struggle in 50 years for national democracy until socialism is achieved is a clear confirmation to this.

Command-Detonated Explosive Devices of the NPA are Legitimate