Comment on the Criminality of Military and Police of GRP

The tyrant Duterte publicly incites the military to kill rebel suspects and the police to kill drug suspects, encouraging them to frame up the victims, assuring the murderers in authority with presidential protection and actually rewarding them with cash rewards and promotions in rank.

The inevitable result is the rampant criminalization and corruption of the military and police. The criminal and corrupt military and police officers and personnel demonstrate their loyalty to Duterte as their criminal overlord. But under the influence of the far bigger rackets of Duterte and his highest trustees, the lower officers also run their own rackets to increase their illegal income under the cover of Oplan Kapayapaan and Oplan Tokhang.

They engage in murder for hire in connivance with comprador firms, hacienderos and political crooks. They extort money from those they arbitrarily misrepresent as rebels or drug addict-pushers, use the same tricks of extortion to rape women and recycle illegal drugs for purposes of sale and further frame-ups.

Duterte is institutionalizing a Mafia-type of government, with governors and generals as criminal and corrupt as him getting the protection, illegal income and the promotions, while those perceived as disloyal or unreliable are put aside or even charged with crimes and disposed of.

Duterte himself is accountable for the criminalization and corruption of the military and has totally discredited his own regime and its entire military and police. In his mad obsession to present himself as a strong man and push his scheme of fascist dictatorship under the cover of bogus federalism, he has failed to intimidate the people but has earned their contempt and hatred.

Thus, there is far greater desire of the people for revolutionary change against the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system, which is now more rotten than ever before under a brazenly criminal, violent and immoral regime.

Comment on the Criminality of Military and Police of GRP