Condemn continuous focused military operations in Ifugao

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The Nona del Rosario Command condemns the continuous focused military operations of combined units of the 5th and 7th Infantry Divisions in Ifugao. Starting since the third week of April, this resulted in massive evacuation of the townspeople of Asipulo. Our units are conducting consolidation activities while state forces are engaged in combat operations thus resulting in three encounters starting May 23, 2022.

We deny allegations that our units left our comrades to die in the battlefield. Ka Junel was turned over to the village people to ensure that he is given the necessary medical attention.

We also deny that there are threats from our side to Mr. Emmanuel Tan’s life. Like that of the New People’s Army, other national democratic organizations persevere with revolutionary work because of their commitment and dedication to the principles and cause of the struggle. Fascist elements within the military sees this as the real threat, but to the status quo they serve. In reality, the threat to Tan’s life is his week-long illegal detention within military camps where he was subjected to psychological and emotional torture to force him to surrender, and the continued surveillance after he was released.

With the return of the Marcoses in Malacañang, the firefights between NPA units and state forces will surely intensify. The province of Ifugao along with the rest of the country will experience more poverty, corruption, state abandonment and false propaganda. The people will turn to revolution for substantial change. As the masses are repeatedly exploited and oppressed, they will fight back as history has taught. The state will attack and try to silent the people’s desire for change but the state’s efforts will be futile. Only thru the national democratic revolution and people’s war can the masses achieve genuine freedom and just and lasting peace.

Stop mass evacuation!
Persevere with the people’s war!

Condemn continuous focused military operations in Ifugao