Condemn Israeli massacre of Palestinian demonstrators

In behalf of the Filipino people and their revolutionary forces,
the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) joins the world
community in condemning and expressing profound outrage against
the fascist Israeli state over its massacre of Palestinian
demonstrators last Monday using lethal force to attack unarmed
protesters in Gaza Strip resulting in the killing of at least
60 people and injuries to close to 3,000 others.

Demonstrations have been mounted by hundreds of thousands of
Palestinians since the end of March to mark the 70th
anniversary of al-Nakba, or the “catastrophe”, when Zionist
paramilitaries drove the Palestinian people from their homes
leading to the establishment of the Israeli state on May 15,
1948. For several weeks, the Israeli state has unleashed
widespread and indiscriminate violence killing scores of
unarmed demonstrators.

On Monday, tens of thousands of Palestinian demonstrators in the
Palestinian territory of Gaza Strip gathered near the fenced-off
border with Israel in the area where the Palestinian city of
al-Ramla once stood, to demand the return of all Palestinian
refugees to their homeland, end the siege of Gaza and protest
the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem. They were mowed
down with live ammunition fired by tanks and tank-mounted
Israeli snipers guarding the border.

The CPP holds the US-supported Netanyahu fascist regime
criminally accountable for the massacre. The broad masses of
the Israeli people, in solidarity with the Palestinian people,
are justified in demanding the overthrow of the fascist
criminal Netanyahu.

The Trump government is equally accountable for endorsing the
Israeli regime’s terrorist attacks against the Palestinian
people. It has blocked an international inquiry into the Monday
massacre. It has emboldened the Netanyahu regime to wage all-out
violent suppression against the Palestinian people when it
decided to move its embassy to Jerusalem, the east side of
which was forcibly annexed by Israel in the 1967 six-day war
and is claimed by Palestine as its capital.

The CPP denounces the Duterte regime for sending its
representative to attend the opening ceremonies of the US
embassy in Jerusalem.

The Filipino revolutionary forces and people join the
Palestinian people in grieving the loss of their loved ones and
recognizing the martyrdom of those who fell in the May 14
massacre. Once again, the CPP salutes the Palestinian people in
their indefatigable struggle to return to their homeland.

Condemn Israeli massacre of Palestinian demonstrators