Condemn the AFP and PNP for the Sorsogon Massacre

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemns in the strongest terms the AFP’s 31st IB and the PNP’s 9th Special Action Battalion and the 1st and 2nd PMFC (Provincial Mobile Force Company) for the massacre of five peasants last Friday morning in Barangay Dolos, Bulan, Sorsogon.

The massacre was perpetrated by the fascist troops and carried out brazenly in a manner similar to the brutal AFP/PNP Oplan Sauron operations in Negros. The clear aim of the massacre is to terrorize the peasant masses. It forms part of the efforts of the Duterte fascist regime to establish its unquestioned military and police powers under its undeclared martial law rule.

The Party denounces the AFP and PNP for the killing of Jeric Vuno, Jerry Palanca, Robert Villafuerte, Raymundo Tañada and Jaime Tañada, who were all relatives and residents of Barangay Dolos. The defenseless victims were forcibly taken from their homes at around 5 a.m. last May 8, brought to a nearby river and summarily executed.

At least P25,000 cash and other items were taken away from the families.

The Party condemns the 9th ID for publicly lying when it claimed that it encountered NPA forces in the area and that the civilians killed were NPA fighters. This is a completely trumped-up story because, as a matter of fact, there was no NPA unit in the village when the massacre was carried out.

The 31st IB is the same AFP unit that threatened officials in a Bulan village in early April and attempted to take over the distribution of aid which the local residents themselves raised. The barangay officials resisted the attempt of the 31st IB.

The Party further condemns the fascist troops for ransacking the homes of residents, taking away cellphones and gadgets, and beating up people in the adjacent barangay. The AFP and PNP troops forcibly entered the homes of the Abuyog, Golimlim and Estiller families. They beat up residents Jeffrey Godala and Jojo Palanca. Two of the Estiller’s children were also hurt by the soldiers.

Even as the entire country is focused on efforts to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, the AFP and PNP continues to carry out relentless counterinsurgency operations and perpetrate extrajudicial killings and grave violations of human rights. These reveal the fascist priorities of the Duterte regime.

The Party calls on the people of Sorsogon and Bicol to stand firmly and expose and denounce the atrocities of the 31st IB and the 9th ID. The Party calls on all freedom-loving Filipinos and the international human rights community to unite and denounce the Sorsogon Massacre.

Condemn the AFP and PNP for the Sorsogon Massacre