Condemn the persecution of human rights defenders under ATA 2020

CNL-Bikol strongly condemns the illegal arrest of two defenders of human rights in the region. In another Herodic attempt to stomp on critics, mercenary agents of the US-Duterte regime arrested Pastor Dan San Andres, spokesperson of KARAPATAN-Bikol and Jenelyn Nagrampa-Caballero, regional coordinator of Gabriela Women’s Partylist and barangay kagawad of San Isidro, Nabua, Camarines Sur this week based on trumped-up murder charges. An intensified national crackdown on nationalist and progressive groups and leaders is expected with the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 providing the green light for illegal arrests and persecution.

The reactionary state takes its historical roots from oppressors and exploiters. When Jesus Christ chose to serve the poor and condemned the widespread destitution brought on by the tyrants who lorded over the people, the Roman empire persecuted and sentenced him to death. Various governments and empires meted the same punishment against saints, priests, nuns, revolutionary thinkers and other servants of the people whom they deemed as heretics and enemies of the state.

Under the monopoly capitalist system, fascist and puppet regimes have repeatedly used state security and the fight against terrorism as a springboard for their diabolical agenda – to stay in power and to evade the people’s justice. Even before the ATA, the US-Duterte regime has already killed and persecuted numerous Church workers who were vocal against the brutal and anti-poor drug war. In a public gathering in Masbate, Duterte even commanded the AFP and PNP to rob and murder priests. The fascist Commander-in-Chief even slanderously accused priests of being rapists. Progressive nun, Sister Mary John Mananzan, was also recently tagged as a ‘terrorist’ by Duterte’s lapdogs. Thousands of other defenders of people’s rights face the same danger, as the US-Duterte regime readies itself to implement martial law to the fullest extent.

There is nothing more blasphemous than equating compassion for the people with terrorism. To empower the people to fight for their rights and to revolt against hunger, oppression and exploitation is not terrorism, but a sworn duty for all Christians. CNL-Bikol calls on all followers of Christ to unite and remain steadfast in the fight for justice, freedom and democracy. Revolutionize the Church to empower the people and embrace Christ’s teachings on sacrifice, justice and genuine love for the masses. Silence is victory for the oppressors, and Church workers must vow to stand with the people in their fight to keep their voices heard.

Junk the Anti-Terror Law!
Justice for all victims of human rights violations!
Follow Christ’s footsteps, serve the people and fight for freedom!


Condemn the persecution of human rights defenders under ATA 2020