Condemn US warship docking in Davao, Duterte’s subservience to US

Even as Duterte displays outright slavishness to China over the Recto Bank incident, he manifests utter subservience to the US imperialists by allowing US warships and military troops to continue using the country as a large military base.

Yesterday, one of these ships, the US Navy’s USS Montgomery, a littoral combat ship, docked at the civilian port Sasa Wharf in the Dutertes’ Davao City and proceeded to conduct “friendship” activities in the city.

The docking of the USS Montgomery dwarves China’s trawl ships in the South China Sea, literally and politically. While Chinese ships plunder and roam the Philippine seas, US warships carrying guns, missiles, fighter jets, hundreds of
soldiers and nuclear arms, dock directly on Philippine civilian ports and airports, unload and store war materiél on US-controlled facilities, and offloads foreign troops who enjoy protection under the US-RP Visiting Forces Agreement.

Under his regime, Duterte has allowed the US to further strengthen its military foothold in the Philippines. Hordes of American soldiers and military weapons parade across the country to mount more and more military exercises.

Secret facilities within AFP camps where weapons are stockpiled are built under absolute US control. Radar and drone surveillance are conducted without letup. Warships are sailed across Philippine seas and docked in civilian ports. AFP units over which the US has operational control are created and trained to carry out armed suppression against the people.

The CPP calls on the patriotic Filipino people to condemn Duterte’s incapability to defend the country’s sovereignty. The USS Montgomery docking adds up to his repeated violations of Philippine sovereignty, and bolsters the grounds for his ouster.

The CPP likewise calls on the Filipino people to demand the pull out of US troops, including other foreign armed forces, and demand the abrogation of military agreements that allow such transgressions.

Condemn US warship docking in Davao, Duterte’s subservience to US