Continue the fight to bring ABS-CBN back on air

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) joins the Filipino people in denouncing Duterte’s minions in the House of Representatives for voting down the franchise application of ABS-CBN effectively shutting down completely its operations.

Duterte’s gangsters in Congress completely ignored the clamor of the Filipino people for ABS-CBN to continue its operation, especially at this time that news information and broadcast entertainment play a crucial role in the country’s effort to overcome the raging Covid-19 pandemic.

Without doubt, the Duterte’s hand manipulated the House vote. The franchise denial shows the extent of Duterte’s personal vengeance against those whom he perceives as his enemies. The factotums who voted against the ABS-CBN franchise are sycophants who are either afraid of Duterte or desperate to win over his favors.

The shutting down of ABS-CBN is part of the Duterte regime’s relentless attacks against press freedom. By shutting down ABS-CBN, Duterte is sending a clear threat to all Filipino journalists. Duterte wants the media to know they are under his power.

With the shutting down, Duterte’s big bourgeois comprador cohorts are now drooling to take over ABS-CBN’s airwaves. They are rushing to seize the opportunity as Duterte now only has two years in power.

The House vote against the ABS-CBN franchise is in line with Duterte’s scheme to establish and perpetuate a fascist dictatorial rule. It came just a week after signing the terror law under which Duterte has claimed vast powers of the state to suppress his critics and opposition forces.

The Party commiserates with the owners and talents of ABS-CBN, and especially its workers, contractuals and oddjobbers dependent on the station’s operations who are set to lose their jobs and livelihoods amid the economic crisis.

The Party enjoins the entire ABS-CBN family to continue the fight for their right, advance the struggle for press freedom, and join hands with the rest of the Filipino people in their resistance against Duterte’s authoritarian schemes. The Duterte regime can deny ABS-CBN the right to broadcast, but it cannot silence the people’s demand for an end to the tyranny.

Continue the fight to bring ABS-CBN back on air