Continue the revolutionary aims of the labor movement

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NDF-Bicol joins the Filipino people and the whole world in commemorating the International Working Class Day. Bicolanos celebrate the victories of the international labor movement for the advancement of the rights and welfare of the working class. As much as the ruling bourgeosie glosses over the historical role of class struggle by the generations of proletarians across the globe, the revolutionary movement and its supporters have continued to amplify workers’ economic struggle towards political liberation.

The US-Duterte regime is determined to regress workers to the most exploitative and oppresive conditions bacause of its perpetuation of neoliberal design in the country. During the pandemic, instead of focusing on disentangling the Filipino people, it used the ensuing social turmoil as a leverage to hasten the enactment of anti-people laws in the congress and senate. It ordered further repression and savagery to staunch the people’s united uprising. Citizens have been exposing and criticising the regime’s incompetence in giving aid to millions of Filipinos forcibly unemployed because of its militaristic strategy in facing the pandemic. Within and outside the country, workers are becoming more condemnatory and active in rising up against the anti-people policies of the regime.

Revolutionary proletarians firmly links their struggle to the widespread resistance of the exploited and oppressed people. It firmly engages in the people’s war to put an end to a system that wrings and sells out the labor force of the Filipino people to foreign capitalists and local ruling class. The continuing Filipino revolution has achieved leaps and advancements for all Filipinos because of its unwavering wielding of armed struggle.

The labor movement’s struggle for more than a century has proven to the whole world that only through armed resistance and strengtening a state ruled by the revolutionary masses will poverty, hunger and injustice be eliminated. The Filipino people go hand in hand with the revolutionary ranks in completing the requisites to advance to the people’s protracted war to the next level and acheive victory. The toiling class dares to envision a future free from exploitation and oppression with the unfurling of red political power.

It is the current generation of the Filipinos and Bicolanos’ task to resolutely play their role in history. There is a great need for solidarity amongst all sectors of society to stand firmly against the regime’s reign of fascist terrorism and its championing of neoliberal designs. A state that distributes the wealth of the nation to those who toil can only be built after the total destruction of the rotting system that supports imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism and feudalism.

Fight and be freed!

Dare to win the just people’s war!

Continue the revolutionary aims of the labor movement