CPDF Abra Hails the NPA for Defying Military Operations, Condemns Aerial Bombings by the AFP

The Cordillera People’s Democratic Front-Abra and all revolutionary masses of the province hails the New People’s Army-Abra (Agustin Begnalen Command) for committing victories in waging people’s war, and defying focused and sustained military operations against the revolutionary movement. In a twin ambush by the NPA against joint operating troops of the 24th IB and 72nd DRC in the municipality of Malibcong last January 4, nine were killed and seven were wounded in the side of the fascists. More than two weeks later, the NPA had sniped operating troops of the 72nd DRC in the municipality of Tubo last January 22 wherein one was killed and another was wounded in the side of the fascists. These victories are a proof that the revolutionary movement in Abra is ever advancing.

In response to these victories of the people’s war, the AFP have conducted aerial bombings in the province, a clear violation of the rules of war mentioned in the International Humanitarian Law. From January 5 to 7, at least 23 bombs were dropped in the boundary of Lacub and Malibcong, and from January 24 to 25, at least 14 bombs were dropped in Mt. Amtinangad, Tubo. These areas are considered as pasture lands, production areas, and hunting grounds of the Gubang, Mabaka, and Maeng tribes of Abra, and the Agawa tribe or Besao, Mountain Province. It has caused great damage and disturbance in the livelihood of the village folks, psychosocial distress among the people, and destruction of the environment. Innocent civilians may have been killed or wounded if they happened to be there at the time of the bombings. These bombings cost to least P2.8 million of public funds, which may have been allotted in buying 1,166 cavans of rice as relief to the victims of recent typhoons, subsidizing 2,248 COVID-19 swab tests, or buying 933 dosages of COVID-19 vaccines.

Since last year, non-stop combat military operations were conducted in the municipalities of Boliney, Lacub, Luba, Malibcong, Manabo, Pidigan, Pilar, San Quintin, Sallapadan, Tineg, Tubo, and Villaviciosa. Hundreds of fascist troops, helicopters, bomber and reconnaissance planes, and drones are being used per operation. The US-Duterte regime is only squandering the government’s money and resources in its futile war against the people, instead of improving public health and people’s livelihoods in this time of crisis and pandemic. De-facto martial law has been imposed in communities with the imposition of Duterte’s militarist lockdown. Village leaders and activists have been harassed or forcedly surrendered. Those who simply assert their democratic rights and welfare are being accused as members or supporters of the CPP-NPA. Recently, a farmer in Brgy. Buneg, Lacub was illegally arrested. The barangay officials and some village folks in Kili, Tubo were forced to surrender. Civilians who do hunting as their additional livelihood are coerced to surrender their hunting guns, and are displayed as CPP-NPA surrenderees.

We, the people of Abra continues to being steadfast in resisting the anti-people and anti-democratic policies of the regime. We also condemn the aerial bombings of the AFP was their way of retaliation. No fascist can stop us in asserting and fighting for our rights and interests as people. The regime’s war against the revolutionary movement is bound to fail, while the people’s democratic revolution is bound to succeed.

End state terrorism!

Overthrow the US-Duterte regime!

Victory to the people’s democratic revolution!

CPDF Abra Hails the NPA for Defying Military Operations, Condemns Aerial Bombings by the AFP