CPDF-Mt. Province condemns bombing and strafing in Besao


The Cordillera People’s Democratic Front – Mountain Province condemns the aerial bombing and indiscriminate strafing done by the joined operating troops of 7th ID of the AFP and PNP-Cordillera on the pasture land and production area of Brgy. Tamboan, Besao, Mountain Province last February 11, 2021.

According to CPDF-Mt. Province, two helicopters were used to drop a bomb, and strafing of at least four rounds, yet there was no armed encounter happened between the government troops and the New People’s Army.

“This is another violation on the rules of war mentioned in the International Humanitarian Law. It has again disturbed the livelihood of the people for pasture animals like cows and carabaos may have been killed, and has brought trauma to the village folks who have heard the bombing and strafing,” CPDF-MP said. CPDF-MP also condemns the Duterte regime for intensifying its violent war against the revolutionary movement amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The national government should cease all its combat military operations, and focus on facing the pandemic. We call on the people to call for the government to rechannel military funds to public health, livelihood, and other basic social services,” CPDF-Mt. Province added.#

CPDF-Mt. Province condemns bombing and strafing in Besao